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Ruth Bonner

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Member since: Sat Oct 15, 2016, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 192

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Stop Being Played, America -or- Honeybadger Trump doesn't give a f***!

Trump's entire election campaign was based on getting and keeping his name in the news by any crude means necessary and he was more than willing to create shitstorms about his own behavior to distract us (formal media, social media, citizen conversations) from serious issues.

This largely explains, IMO, why the campaign was the most policy-free ever and why his horrific statements and lies did not matter. After grabbing our attention with one thing, he moved on to the next thing offensive statement, show of incompetency, promise that he had no intention of trying to fulfill.

My point: Trump is a honeybadger - he doesn't give a F*** what people think! He does not feel shame, his tweets pull us back again and again to discussions about his character that distract us from his behaviors and their consequences for us all...

Asa Bennett's graphs from Google Analytics show the Hamilton tweet distract us from Trump U and when attention to his Hamilton tweet started to fade, the SNL tweet took over.



Stop Being Played, America....

To the best of my ability I am going to ignore his Tweets in favor of conversations about his behaviors that will effect the citizenry and how we can resist... including Green Day videos.

Really Want to save Social Security and Medicare?????

DUer apcalc recommends National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

AARP is fighting for MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY, support them!

Pnwmom's powerhouse post... many ways to help:


Electoral College in Play? Names and hometowns of electors available here:

Coyotl's post "Electoral College is in Play" suggests we really could have an impact by writing electors in states that went for Trump. Names and hometowns are listed at the link below.

Coyotl's post:

Names of electors voting for president


A phone call a day until the nightmare is over... Contact info for White House, Senators, Congress

I know an elderly gentleman who lived through Vietnam. He protested, he attended rap sessions, he stood up for people who refused to be drafted. He said that it never felt like enough and every day the number of injured or dead rose. So, he developed a habit - each day, instead of eating a leisurely lunch with colleagues, he ate a packed lunch at his desk in his office and wrote a letter. He wrote each of the Senators, going through the entire list several times - many letters of course to his own and those on key committees. He got all the way through the entire Congress and started over again before the fall of Saigon. He said that he didn't know if any of his letters had an effect, but daily action saved his sanity. Most of us don't have a lot of time. I'm seeking one action a day I can take until we get through this nightmare and a call to Congress is one such action.

If anyone has additional or more useful ways to quickly find contact information please post it below! I read here at DU recently that the most effective ways to contact Congress members and Senators is to visit or call the local office nearest your home. Next best: Call D.C. Snail mail to local office is sometimes effective (though they are often scanned by machine and never seen by any human). Emails - not so much.

You can find office addresses and phone numbers with a few clicks with the links below:

White House.gov
Get Human recommends: 202-456-1414

GreatAgain.gov - If we want them to know what you are thinking...

Senators - by state; also Leadership roles

Senate Committees

Find Your Represenative - by zip

Directory of Representatives - by state

House Committees - Select committee, then menu, then members. Also see "Minority site"

Also, please see: Proposal for new DU Forum

Love Trumps Hate - Dates & locations of protests around that nation

From sea to shining sea...


Edited to add: Please see proposal for new forum.

Southern Poverty Law Center Petition - 200K sigs so far: Trump - reject hatred and bigotry

SPLC took down the KKK once (many, many large chapters). Let's support them so they don't have to spend decades doing it a second time.


Also, SPLC'S Hatewatch and Hatemap are a solid source of information about incidents of harassment and hate crimes. 200 hate crimes so far since Trump's election.

Edited to add: Please see proposal for new forum.

Looking for a way to fight back? United Against Hate

MoveOn.org has created a campaign and Facebook page with alerts about new petitions...


Call for General Strike on 1/20/17 - No work, no shopping

".... Kshama Sawant, a socialist who holds a seat on the Seattle City Council, called for a nationwide strike on Inauguration Day, Friday, January 20, 2017.

My partner and I will not work on that day, will not shop on that day. We will join the strike. General strikes scare the hell out of the oligarchy, because it is the joining together as one of the working people of this country, an act that always threatens wealth of the the wealthy, ruling class, and thus tends to get the attention of the affluent and puts in jeopardy their wealth privilege."


Edited to add: Please see proposal for new forum.

Proposal: New DU forum "Act Now 4 Democracy"

I've seen a few posts that provide information about taking reasonably small, prompt actions to resist abuses of human rights and further destruction of our democracy.

Such posts are appearing in different forums and I am not always seeing them in time to take action (e.g. call a congressional committee to weigh in on an appointment.

If DU created such a forum, anyone who wishes to could subscribe and would be alerted the next time they log on. Action items from a wide variety of organizations would be useful as well as ideas from individual DU members.

I want to do all that I can do and would appreciate alerts from DU members who may belong to different organizations or are reading different sources than I.

I found the "Activism" forum, but it's been abandoned. Maybe we just need to start posting there? Maybe the admins would post a third checkbox to select after starting to post in General Discussion... postmortem, general discussion, action.

(P.S. I was an active member of DU for 4-5 years, I think, during the Bush administration and election of President Obama. I've long since abandoned the Yahoo email associated with that DU account, so I look like a total newbie, but I'm not).

I would like to see DU posts with action items posted fequently - whether we create a new one or use an existing forum:

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