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Member since: Fri Oct 14, 2016, 05:57 PM
Number of posts: 224

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I love Ruth, she deserved to cross over

Like John Lewis, it is up to us now. Very scary. Hopefully we have the hutztba that it takes.

New name for the CON...


He can't even remember he is president. He keeps thinking Joe is.

This should be the preface to

every conversation about mail in voting.


Trump said it on April 10th, 2020

Lifted my spirits today

I should put it under music but it is so amazing. This came into my head today and helped my angst.

Kampala Light

So glad. So glad

Question about USPS oversight

I looked it up and there is a committee in the House.

Can they set up a system in every state to detour around the USPS, like drop off secure ballot boxes? The Dems could make sure people could access them....And they could create tutorials on exactly how to fill out the ballots so they are not rejected.
I know we have access to drop off boxes in CA, not sure if they are in every state.

We need a national voice to make this election not be sabotaged by Russia and Orange Frump.

It would be wonderful in Portland

if they had a wall of Moms and a wall of Vets, a wall of leaf blowers in front of them. In back of them they should have a choir singing in harmony This Land is Your Land and We Shall Overcome.
Trump could not make an add off of that.

Goya, Third of May, 1814

Life repeats itself.


What I haven't heard talked about

is...after this weekend over 100,000 people will have died. Those 100,000 people have families and friends and major loved ones. It is beyond imagination the pain our country is feeling.

Trump can only talk about winning.

I wish

a reporter would ask Melania and/or Donald if he is doing his best by the Be Best standards.
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