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RainCaster's Journal
RainCaster's Journal
October 1, 2022

Interesting article about the Nord gas pipe leaks

Lots more at the link, no paywall.

Could Sabotage Have Caused Nord Stream Pipeline Ruptures? And If So, How?
It’s a non-fiction story that fiction writers like Tom Clancy or Ian Fleming could have dug their teeth into: a pair of mysterious leaks appear in a key strategic pipeline between countries in conflict. Explosions are detected by underwater seismographs. More than coincidence? How did it happen? Who is the perpetrator, if there is one? Is there a bald-headed villain in a secret lair petting a white cat, plotting his next move?

As David Cenciotti reported in TheAviationist.com on Tuesday, September 27, 2022: “While the leaks are being investigated, the Danish Armed Forces have released a video and photographs taken by RDAF (Royal Danish Air Force) F-16s, showing disturbance in the surface of the sea: the bubbles boiling up to the surface of the sea are quite evident. According to the Danish authorities the disturbance is over 1 km in diameter.”

The circumstances surrounding the Nord Stream pipeline incident invite a world of speculation, some of it pointing to wilful interdiction of pipeline operations. The reported facts can be collated to support the hypothesis of deliberate action to disrupt the pipeline. But as of this hour, there is only one problem with these hypotheses: there is no hard evidence of sabotage in the Nord Stream pipeline leak.

While no hard evidence exists at this time to support the theory of sabotage in the Nord Stream leak, the capabilities to carry out such sabotage exist in some militaries and have been employed before in similar circumstances.
September 26, 2022

Sick of those Smiley adverts

The "non-threatening housewife" look, but is really a Trump humping rabid republican who will vote to outlaw all abortions & birth control. The GOP is desperate to get rid of Patty Murray.

September 4, 2022

I knew that Faux News sucks, but Faux Sports...

is equally awful. They are butchering the Mariners game. I'm about ready to turn on the radio.

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