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RainCaster's Journal
RainCaster's Journal
October 23, 2020

He's nuts!

His take on the ACA is so far from reality.

October 16, 2020

Who received their ballots?

I don't have my ballot yet. Has anyone in WA received theirs?

Update, late Friday: all four ballots arrived late today. Wife, kids & I.

October 14, 2020

WTF-- IVF is the same as murder?

Wait a damn minute. Couples who use IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) to conceive should be tried for murder according to Amy Phony Brrat.

In her twisted mind my wife and I are felons, and our two amazing adult children don't exist? When will the GOP give us a judicial candidate with a grip on reality?

For those who are wondering what this rant is about, on tonight's Rachel Madow Show she had a segment about Judge wannabe Barret and how she views fertility treatment the same as abortion. Yes, that's right. She thinks it's committing murder to use fertility treatments.

October 13, 2020

Sign report Kitsap County

Well, I'm still seeing plenty of old rusty pickups with Trump 2020 bumper stickers. My wife says there are rumors of a Prius loaded up with Trump stickers that's been seen in Poulsbo and Silverdale.

My real surprise is the farmer along the hiway who always has many GOP signs up where all his neighbors can be revulsed. Four years ago he had a number of Trump signs, all 4x8 and bigger. This year there are signs for Culp and many other GOP candidates, but no signs for DFT.

I haven't seen a single yard sign for Trump this year in Kitsap, but there are still a few morons who waste their time online trying to convince us that DFT is awesome. Nobody is buying.

October 12, 2020

An idea for the Lincoln Project

Here's mine, feel free to add more below.

Modify a Pharma advert. We all know the format :

Scene opens on people who look way too young to be taking this drug. (whatever it is)

Quickly goes through happy scenes of them being very active, playing with young children, walking in a neighborhood of young families, etc. Notice the visual emphasis on youth and health and certainty.

Then comes the Truth in the final 5-7 seconds. The rapidly spoken warnings of all the Really Bad Things that can happen to you if you take this drug. Don't take this drug if you are allergic to its ingredients, stop taking this if you have a revulsion lasting more than four hours, please see your doctor if you suddenly lose your healthcare benefits, sudden loss of Medicare, social security, postal deliveries or other dependable government programs. Repeated voting for this candidate will cause sudden loss of friends, family, respect and a dramatic increase in self loathing.

October 6, 2020

The rules for displacing an ailing presidential candidate

This is a very interesting article in the LawFareBlog. It goes through all the details of the amendments (20 & 25th) as well as party rules. Then there are state issue too that are mentioned. Well worth the read, and no paywall.
Two days have passed since we learned that President Trump is suffering from COVID-19. While there is no indication yet that his condition is serious, mainstream media outlets have rightly tried to stay a step ahead of the story and educate the public about what would happen if Trump gets a lot sicker. So, in less than 48 hours, millions of Americans have now learned the details about the rules for incapacitated presidents and for presidential nominees who die or drop out before an election.

This basic “explainer” work is important, but it often overlooks more nuanced questions—there are just so many different scenarios that Trump’s illness could give way to. One particular hypothetical that hasn’t gotten much media attention is if a candidate is seriously ill but does not drop out. What happens here? Again, this is not immediately relevant to President Trump’s situation. But regardless of whether this particular situation comes to pass in the next 30 days—and let’s hope it doesn’t—it illuminates important features in the presidential electoral system.

Before diving into the hypothetical, here’s a quick summary of the basics. Section 3 of the 25th Amendment allows a president who feels unable to discharge his duties to transfer his powers to the vice president, and the president can then reclaim these responsibilities when he feels able again. Section 4 allows the vice president and cabinet to order that transfer without the president’s consent, but allows the president to retake power when he declares he is recovered, so long as either the vice president, the Cabinet, or more than a third of either the House or Senate agree with him. And then there are the rules for presidential candidates. When presidential candidates die or drop out their parties can replace them up until the day the electoral college votes (this year December 14). In a grim situation where the president-elect dies after the electoral college vote but before the inauguration, the 20th Amendment provides that the vice president-elect swears in on January 20.

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