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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Left Coast
Member since: Mon Oct 10, 2016, 07:19 PM
Number of posts: 8,706

About Me

A Reformed Republican who has seen evil and shook its hand. (Nixon) He now spends his time trying to change the world for the better.

Journal Archives

What does the world like about us?

I am in the Netherlands today and I had a long conversation with 6 people from Spain and France about "my country". I began with the statement that I did NOT vote for that jackass. After much discussion back and forth, it was decided that there are three great things about the US.
1. Our Constitution
2. Our Jazz
3. Our baseball. This one gathered the most discussion time. They are all passionate about baseball. Even the women.

It was a universal truth that our political system is corrupt, we all agreed to that. BTW, they all agreed the Macron is a POS. I was surprised to hear that, but they feel that he could not care at all for the common man.

So what do we like, and what are we willing to fight for? I hope it's more than baseball.

US leak of Manchester attacker's name strikes new blow to intelligence sharing

Source: The Guardian

American officials have been criticised for leaking the identity of the Manchester bomber before British police officially named him.

Salman Abedi was identified in media reports that attributed “US officials” as the source even as their British counterparts remained tight-lipped.

Manchester Arena bombing: thousands gather for vigil in city centre – live news
The disclosures renewed concerns over leaks from Donald Trump’s administration two weeks after the US president revealed classified information, apparently from Israel, to Russia’s foreign minister in a White House meeting. Critics warn that US allies may be less willing to share intelligence in the future.

Although UK journalists had Abedi’s name, the UK government and Greater Manchester police declined to confirm it more than two hours after it appeared in the US press. Earlier in the day, the government indicated it might not release the name at all on Tuesday because the investigation was continuing.

Read more: US leak of Manchester attacker's name strikes new blow to intelligence sharing https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/may/23/trump-administration-manchester-bomber-name-leak

First Israel, and now England are rethinking how they share Intel with the US.

Trump impeachment Movement

Yes, we all want it to happen. However, until the GOP finds its morals and backbone and retrieves its testicles from 45, nothing will happen. We all beat the drum, but not a damn thing will happen. Ever. The Republican Party needs to own treason, pure and simple. However, they don't care and why should they? We have nothing to offer as a viable alternative.

The Liberals (us) need to do several things VERY SOON:
* Figure out what the hell we stand for
* What we won't tolerate
* Craft the message
* Send it out

Once we have a real alternative to the screwups that are running this country now, THEN we can begin the campaign to take back our land.

OK, so this seems like it's in the wrong place, but it's not. We are supposed to debunk right wing Trumpery here. I think we need to debunk our own messages as well. We need to closely examine our own propaganda and taste our Koolaid with discernment. IMO, we have no real alternative yet. It's in our hearts, and we all know it when we hear it in the messages from Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and others. Now we must come together and learn to craft, then articulate the Message.

Which clown is scarier? "It" or 45?

Discuss among yourselves...

Is the GOP leadership as stupid as they seem?

In Washington state we have Susan Hutchison as our GOP chair. She couldn't grasp the simplest truth, just keeps repeating the party line "DFT is great".

As long as we have folks like her in Republican leadership, our country will remain a laughingstock for the world.

How to fight for the ACA

There are a number of things we can all do to help educate our country on what we are about to lose. This is a brainstorming thread.

The neo administration just axed the top brains in State

Source: Reuters

The Trump administration has accepted the resignations of two top State Department officials effective on Friday, a step entirely within the new president's rights but an abrupt departure for the diplomats, officials said on Thursday.

Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy and acting Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Thomas Countryman both plan to leave their posts by Friday, the officials said.

Turnover is the rule, rather than the exception, among the top officials in the U.S. government when the White House changes hands from one party to another, in this case from Democrat Barack Obama to Republican Donald Trump.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-politics-resignations-idUSKBN15A2AY

One of these career diplomats is family to a close friend and I've known him for many years. A brilliant, dedicated peacemaker who has brokered many arms control treaties through the years. Rachel Maddow says he did not go of his own accord, I haven't been able to get any news of my own about this. The inmates have taken over the asylum.


Source: World News Daily Report

“Many parts of his body are too small, not only his hands,” she told the Moscow Daily Herald. “I’ve slept with hundreds of men and I’ve seen some small penises, but he’s by far the smallest I’ve ever seen.”

She described Mr.Trump’s genitals as being the size of a grape, barely one inch (2.5cm) long when fully erect.

Read more: http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/russian-hooker-who-had-sex-with-donald-trump-mocks-his-tiny-penis/

You will love this- one more thing he lied about during the debates. His little willy is so tiny, his 3 girls that night laughed about it. Read the link for details.

DFT taught my elderly mother in law about Golden Showers

And the GOP sees nothing wrong with that. This is so wrong on many levels.

All I wanted was for Obama to undo the Constitutional damage W caused.

He totally failed at that, and actually "upgraded" the Patriot Act. Habeus Corpus is in tatters and we are OK with that?

So now we will have a whole new set of edits to the Constitution that will have to be undone. Our new part time POTUS and his cronies will rebuild the system to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of the world. This needs to be a key part of the DNC rebuild, because justice hasn't been a part of the GOP since the Religious Right came in during the Reagan years.

Social Justice.
Economic Justice
Ecological Justice
Political Justice
Military Justice

It's time to begin the rebuild process of the DNC, and yes the ideas of Bernie and Jennifer are a great place to start.
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