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Member since: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 03:04 PM
Number of posts: 15,475

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Heroic entity.

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лучше сейчас* - New republican slogan

According to Daily Kos. Translates to "Better off now."


No doubt DU can improve on лучше сейчас.

Maybe "Bugger off now"?

Or taking a cue from Melania who stole her cue from Michelle: "Best off now" ?

republican agitprop is toxic, as all decent people in this sector of the galaxy agree. So it's incumbent upon DU to improve on the new KGOP republican slogan.

republicans lied to us about Mexico paying for the wall

And now the republicans want us to forget their lies, and to pay for it out of our own pockets. That sucks.

I don't like being lied to. And I don't want to pay for some stupid, stinking, 15th-century technology that will be a farce of global proportions.

Why don't the pundits nail the republican Draft-Dodger for his lies about Mexico? Why not nail the republicans for now trying to force USA to pay?


No honorable member of the military can respect a five-time republican draft dodger

just not possible. Particularly when that republican draft dodger is in constant flagrant violation of long-established military values.


Trump Dump: Now that things are all f*cked up, off to Mar a Lago !

...to suck up a couple more buckets of russian caviar, to hobnob with other billionaire republicans, and to fart around on the golf course for two weeks -- all at Taxpayer expense. Whoopee - sucking up the golden, deluxe, glorious lifestyle of the republican kelptocrats.

As Trump bugs out to Florida, republicans & their evil-empire russian cronies are no doubt laughing their caviar-stuffed asses off at the US voters and taxpayers they have suckered.

* aka republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief


A Thousand Points of Doo Doo (R)

Manafort's republican Guilty Plea is 175 pages long

And while that Guilty Plea is a Done Deal (signed, sealed and delivered), it won't be released until the court rules on sentencing for the republican criminal & traitor against America.

Even if illegitimate republican stooge-Attorney General Whitaker finds a perverse way to fudge the release, according to this report, the Attorneys General in several states already have copies of the whole frikken, stinking 175 pages, detailing the factual evidence of evil republican skullduggery with toxic implications pissed out upon truth, justice, and American democracy.

So Tick Tock, it's just a matter of time before the overflowing contents of the republican moral cesspool oooze out into the media.


Great Law of Peace - The Thanksgiving Address

Special insider tip on how to strengthen The Force

"Champagne wishes & caviar kisses for Thanksgiving" - Dodgy Donny (R)

"Let me be more precise: that's fabulous, world-best wishes & kisses for me, doodley squat for everyone else. Heh, heh. Specifically, two bigly scoops of russian caviar for me and my billionaire republican homies, bupkiss for you hard-working prole suckers. We republican elites will be luxuriating this holiday at our glorious seaside mansion. The very best part, we pay for it with your tax dollars. Ha Ha. The good life, we republicans call it.

"As as for the US troops I have needlessly ordered to the border and pointlessly jerked away from their families this Thanksgiving so that they can be forced to posture and preen for me, I've got a special message: Tuff it out, suckers. I'm the Supreme republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief, and I get to rub that fugly fact your faces this holiday. Ha ha. Ironic, ain't it?" - Dodgy Donny (R)

Hot new Dem Fad sweeps the nation: Slowboating for Truth

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