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Member since: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 03:04 PM
Number of posts: 14,628

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Heroic entity.

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Major Report: the Arctic Is Unraveling

...and still republicans persist in their systematic, corporate-funded lies about climate change. They are stripping America and the world of all creative initiatives to deal with this, and instead liberating and empowering republican-minded corporations to continue to despoil our air, land and water - and to hasten this comprehensive global disaster. If Jesus were around, he would totally kick idiotic, greedy, anti-life & anti-common sense republican ass.

From Scientific American: April 28, 2017

:The Arctic is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the planet, suggests a huge assessment of the region. The warming is hastening the melting of Arctic ice and boosting sea-level rise.

"The report, compiled by more than 90 scientists, documents the myriad changes already under way across the Arctic because of climate change—from declining sea ice and melting glaciers to shifting ecosystems and weather patterns. From 2011 to 2015, the assessment finds, the Arctic was warmer than at any time since records began around 1900...


"Hi Ho, Hi Ho - it's off to see the republican Draft-Dodger we go" - US Senate

republican Comrade Generalissimo Casino has summoned the senatorial peasants to come on to HIS ROYAL TURF and to kiss his flabby republican GOLF butt as he squats upon his gold-encrusted throne and makes war noises.

It would be nice if the aerodynamic wing of the party

Did some extrospection.

I'm just sayin...

Republicans dwell in a new era of human consciousness: The Agnotocene

I came across this term while reading a book review in The Guardian.

The book defines Agnotocene as "closing one’s ears and eyes to the evidence."

Of course it's not just lies and climate change that republicans refuse to understand, it's also the profoundly dangerous ACTS OF WAR* being perpetrated against the United States of America by russia, Acts of War that are aided and abetted by republican comrades and mob cronies. Nary a republican will lift a finger to defend America against the blatant Acts of War. That is totally deplorable.

* per Dick Cheney

Link to the book review: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/apr/05/the-shock-of-the-anthropocene-review?CMP=twt_books_b-gdnbooks

ex-FBI guy Shames GOPers turning blind eye to Russian attacks on America

Yes - Shame, shame, shame on the GOPers who pretend they see nothing, and who do nothing to protect America, American democracy, and the American people from the relentless, systematic, crippling attacks of Russia and Russian Dupes.

When it comes to patriotism at this Dark Hour, the GOPers are FAILING America, and their own families.


From Daily Kos 3/30/1776

Ex-FBI agent said something in hearing that should
SHAME every GOP'er turning a blind eye to Russia

By anna19876

"Clinton Watts testimony was great and I think a lot of it will make its way to news programs. Shame on the GOP for putting Trump over country and over career officials that dedicated their lives to protecting the USA.

"Everytime they discredit the intelligence community the GOP government proves it doesn’t have the back those that work to protect America..."


April Fools Day cancelled on account of extreme FWS

FWS - Fool Weariness Syndrome - Plagues Americans Coast to Coast.

Sore Loserman (R)

Anyone who is in touch with their Inner A-hole will readily recognize that Friday's colossal FAIL on Trumpcare was not fair to republicans.

No Russians were allowed to vote.

Beauty and the Beast (R)

Disney flick opens today.

...The repulsive Beast informs Beauty that long ago a fairy turned him into a hideous republican monster after he refused to let her in from the rain...

UN experts denounce 'myth' pesticides are necessary to feed the world

Report warns of catastrophic consequences and blames manufacturers for ‘systematic denial of harms’ and ‘unethical marketing tactics’

But republicans and their devious Plutocrat-in-Chief are all like FULL SPEED AHEAD with GMOs and GMOs' beverages of corporate choice: pesticides, herbicides, etc. Let us not forget antibiotics as they infest Meat Factories and the purely "coincidental" upswing in sales of "probiotics."


I'd bet a crate of Dippin Dots that republican Comrade Pee45 uses "we" tonight

...as he attempts to excuse his gross republican FAIL in Yemen.

Pee45 is getting his flabby republican ass kicked all over the internet today for revealing in a TV interview how irresponsible, shallow and arrogant he is. As a Five-Time Republican Draft Dodger, Comrade Pee45 commands shallow respect. And this deplorable episode is draining away even more respect as the ugly truth becomes plainer about who the republican 'family values' role model really is.

No doubt republican MindWank eXperTs will prep & primp Comrade Pee45 for pimping the propaganda at the republican's Grand Self-Congratulatory Poo-Fling-at-America tonight.
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