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Member since: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 03:04 PM
Number of posts: 14,628

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Heroic entity.

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Teachings of Master Yoda

Conducting the Asshole Orchestra (R)

Big hat tip to relatively new DUer "thegoose" for coining a meme that will live in infamy.

After watching the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief on TV dissing our US Intelligence Agencies and siding with Putin while he makes his stupid hand gestures, thegoose named what Comrade Casino is doing: conducting the Asshole Orchestra (R).

In response to the "republican family values" role model's suggestively obscene republican gang signs, the republican Fake News Orchestra (FNO) will, as always, submissively take up & parrot the disgustingly off-key tune directed by the republican TreasonWeasel in Chief.

#AssholeOrchestra (R)

republican "god-emperor" returns to sit on republican Throne

The entity that so many republicans submissively & blasphemously worship as their "god emperor" -- but who decent American citizens know as "Comrade Casino, deceitful republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief" -- is now winging his way back to familiar territory, the gourmet golf courses scattered hither and yon upon the Fruited Plains of KGOP-Land.

His budget-busting, luxury excursion overseas was a colossal fail. He accomplished doodley-squat, the diplomatic equivalent of a freaking Nothing-Burger. Once back on the Fruited Plains, he will no doubt assume his rightful place on the republican Golden Throne.

American voters send a message 2017

The way I read it: people are sick and tired of republican lies, grift, and fail.

Americans are also embarrased and profoundly disturbed by the ongoingly deceitful, disgusting, and dangerous words and actions of the "republican family values" role model: Comrade Casino, the illegitimate republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief and his money-mob of darkside russian cronies.

A meme is born: #Trussian TreasonWeasels

Save America. Investigate, prosecute, and incarcerate Trussian TreasonWeasels who have betrayed America and Americans.

Sending a shout out to the DUer who minted the Trussian meme, or at least introduced it to me on DU this AM: mnmoderatedem

He knew what he didn't sign up for

The republican party, with the sneaky, secret help of russia and the russian money mob, has infected America radically by installing a smirking, shirking Five-Time Draft-Dodging, Casino Hustler, business cheat, serial liar, sexual predator, freeloading golfer with bad hair as the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF of all our sons and daughters and brothers and sisters who serve in the US Armed Forces.

But he is unfit for duty. Unfit for command.

Why were our US Green Berets in Niger?

As far as I can tell, the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief not only ignored the deaths of our American soldiers until he was called on it, he also dodged the explanation for what they were doing when they were ambushed.

Comrade Casino owes America a straightforward explanation, not another lie-based diversion into his psychic fog.

Do you eat chicken? repukes want to super-speed the so-called "inspections"

Gag me with a hyper-efficient rubber chicken...

NBC News:
The National Chicken Council has asked the USDA to allow poultry plants to operate "at any line speed" they can safely handle.

The Obama administration had established a 140 birds-per-minute limit for most plants. But the current republican administration is open to picking up the pace and letting corporations do their "inspections" of your factory food at a much faster face.


"I am not a moron. You know you can trust me, right? Heh, heh." - Comrade Casino* (R)

* republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief

K & R

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