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Achilleaze's Journal
Achilleaze's Journal
July 3, 2018

Shame on CBS News. And most MSM.

CBS evening news had plenty of time to tell viewers about how lovely it will be when republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief, Comrade Dirty Donny, meets Putin in Helsinki next week for private conspiring. But they deliberately FAILED to mention - they completely ignored - today's damning news from the Senate Intelligence Agency making it plain that Putin approved the russian ACTS of WAR against the USA, ACTS of wAR that are ongoing - according to every single US Intelligence Agency and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

So republican Dirty Donny* is going to the #StinkyInHelsinki to get on his knees before a man who is actively waging WAR on American democaracy. Disgusting. Disgusting that the republican party is letting this treasonous shit go down.

Disgusting that CBS had time for a fluffy feature on Legos, but not one freaking second to inform American citizens about the blockbuster Senate report on russian-republican treason against America that will come to a head during the #StinkyInHelsinki.

Screw CBS News. That is an intentional propaganda FAIL of the lowest journalistic order. It is dereliction of duty on the scale of FOX propaganda (R)

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