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Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,143

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So Li'l Kim is meeting with Pootie on Thursday

Gee, Donnie the Hideous is doing such a great job of bringing people together, isn't he?

Do I sense a worldwide dictator buildup with that bloated orange piece of shit as one of the players?

Will they make serious decisions about our country and its populace that we have no voice in whatsoever?

Fuck, yeah. We're fucked.

Moronia reading to children at the Easter egg hunt

With the idiotic "be best" signs around her.

My God, this really is Idiocracy! Remember what happened to Fuddruckers signs in that movie?

It should be said over and over so anyone can understand

1. Dump is in deep with the Russians.

2. They knew they could manipulate him and a large portion of the drooling, "Apprentice"-watching populace.

3. Dump was placed in office by the Russians to pay off his debt. As an added bonus, it is rending the fabric of the country, which thrills the Russkies.

4. The other Pukes have been paid off for their cooperation. Why would they be so silent otherwise?

The Turtle particularly collects a big paycheck, so eager is he to commit atrocities.

Don't be distracted by Huckleberry Sanders

Waste of time calling for her head. They all lie. Concentrate on dumping Dump.

"He's a despicable human being..."

"But he's done a lot of great things for the country."

Actual MAGAT quote.

And this is after the Mueller report.

MAGATs are so flippin' stupid!

Vaughan Hillyard on MSNBC was interviewing a Dump voter in Iowa.

About the report: "Well, you're gonna hear biased opinions on both sides."

On Dump post-report: "Well, he's done everything he said he was gonna do."


So really they're just trying to hide in plain sight

It's what Dump has always done. Commit your filthy crimes right in front of everyone, lie about them, stick out your orange chin and dare anyone to accuse you.

Ain't working this time, Bloatus! You're going down!

Some Whitewater asshole on Jake Tapper

Carrying Dump water. Robert Ray, Shut The Fuck up.

I'm with Pete!

What a great speech! To hell with those naysayers saying he's too young and inexperienced.

What about Bloatus? He's old and stupid -- and evil.

Chandelle Summer on MSNBC

Some "conservative talk show host." Calling Mayor Pete "aberrant," saying he's too different for the American people to accept.

Go spread your filth elsewhere, creep.
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