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Member since: Sat Sep 17, 2016, 03:30 PM
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Journal Archives

Joy Reid about to start: MSNBC, 4 pm CDT

She's heading the "Election Coverage" program.

Thanks to earlier heads up ..

Standing Rock Sioux still need help.

5 prayng water protectors confronted by police and orded to leave.


Iowa barely light blue & Ohio light blue on 538

Waaaaahhh!!! I am pleased to say that fivethirtyeight.com has Iowa barely light blue! And Ohio is still light blue, less anemically so than Iowa. I hope it stays that way, but I found this to be the case ~11:15 am CDT.

* * *
Wooh. Having said that, not to ruin the wonderful moment (I am ecstatic no matter what), I have to add that my heart is with all who are in harm's way and all who are suffering. Those in Haiti, Jamaica, Florida, the Carolinas, and Taiwan (also hurricane-hit recently) come to mind. And of course all those killed or injured by gun fire, any violence, or anything as well as those facing serious illness or injuries. Ahh, I have to admit, the news about shootings and the hurricanes are keeping thoughts like this in the forefront of my mind more than usual.

* * *
However, I am still celebrating the good news for Hillary Clinton, her supporters, and all the people who would benefit from her being elected rather than any of her current opponents. And the people who would benefit include everyone in my second paragraph.

Take care, DU!

Maddow, O'Donnell, & the 1995 Tax Accountant

If there is same/similar thread started, please let me know! I didn't see one but don't want to duplicate.

Rachel Maddow / TRMS is on now & is providing a good summary of campaign news. I love her upbeat nature, too!

Rachel herself does not have special guests so far (tho I missed beginning of TRMS). HOWEVER, she said that Lawrence O'Donnell / The Last Word will have the accountant who did the orange one's 1995 taxes on the program. It starts just after Maddow.
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