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Solicited campaign donations from citizens (mostly lawmakers) of other nations ...

multiple times, from multiple nations. Probably not just email list they bought & didn't examine, b/c the emails to MPs in Great Britain had reference to Brexit, worded as if trump thought they all saw brexit as good and was trying to liken himself and his campaign to brexit.

Above -- said mostly lawmakers, but may have been that all these foreign solicitations were to foreign lawmakers.

NBC is messed up ...

This is very concerning. Here's something else I noticed from NBC last night. After the explosion in Manhattan, once NBC finally posted news about it, their actual post on the explosion was immediately followed by a post about trump announcing the explosion. ???!!! That post included a 0.33 second video, apparently of trump (based on headline & still image I could see). I dared not click the link much less watch the video. So, to be fair, maybe the video made a fool of trump.

Anyway, I was periodically checking my apps to see what headlines the three major (traditional?) networks had, something I've been doing, not b/c I trust they have real or balanced news ... whole other story. BTW, CBS was the first of these three to report the explosion. CBS & ABC actually stuck to Manhattan news w/o bringing djt into it, last I looked (late last night, Sat. the 17th).

So what's the deal? Did someone say NBC is owned by Comcast? Does Comcast -- or their sponsors -- have connections to trump or his business dealings? I thought their was a falling out between NBC & djt last summer. Did that change? Is someone at NBC or Comcast being bribed? Blackmailed? Threatened somehow? I'm not usually into suspicious lines or conspiracy theories, but this is too weird.

Or did anyone else watch the video? Did it make a fool of trump? If so, I'm sorry I spent your time w/ above paragraph. I just can't bring myself fo watch it. And I don't want to reward "MSM" w/ clicks on stuff like that.

Obama has such a powerful way ...

of pointing out what should be obvious, what really is obvious, but usually gets dismissed in a twisted way. His statements don't fit under the rug.

Silver spot on / Unless backlash / 1984 already

Yes, I think Nate Silver is spot on -- unless the backlash over C-in-C/Matt Lauer and the press-excluded hotel-infomercial insult really sinks in on MSM. But I have no hopes that will happen.

By the way, why has MSM been doing this? Is it really for ratings? Does this unbalanced-standard really help ratings? Who (at MSM) really decides how the campaigns/candidates are covered?

I have at times been resorting to a type of thinking I usually avoid. Gosh, could they be trying to prevent HRC supporters from becoming complacent? (I know that's not it -- just trying to keep my sanity.). Or have djt-connected mobsters threatened MSM bigwigs and reporters? Are MSM producers/bigwigs and/or their sponsors entwined with djt-related business dealings? All of them (MSMs)?

My God, is it 1984 already?

Yes, many mob & criminal connections ...

Yes, I read about this, too. And then there was WaPo coverage this morning (or recently) on djt's ties to Daniel Sullivan and other mob-related individuals -- as well as many source's articles over time on djt's mob ties (including his past attorney of many years) in NY and NJ.

And the international criminal connection you raise -- and the Newsweek report by Kurt Eichenwald on the international web of djt business dealings, a number of which involve criminals or suspected criminals -- all need to be investigated more thoroughly and blasted on front pages (web or print) and screens everywhere.

It is shocking how relatively little follow-up these stories have gotten. MSNBC gave it attention, and I think Vanity Fair and ... can't remember others for sure. But little or nothing on most major "M$M".

But back to actual djt topic: Will no one else do business with him? Or are these people his preference? Either way, it is terrifying to think of.

Dowd on Trump rally violence & former Dowd assistant ...

This morning in interview, M Dowd was quoted as saying Trump told her that violence at rallies added excitement. Also, a former assistant to Dowd, Alex Thompson (now at Vice News), was arrested outside trump rally (while awaiting feedback on his press access request) in Houston early afternoon today. Don't know for a fact that the latter is related, but timing is interesting, at least.
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