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Member since: Sat Sep 17, 2016, 03:30 PM
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This reminds me ...

he also took money meant for businesses hurt by 9/11, although his weren't affected, didn't he? The dollar amount might be smaller than these, but still ...

Oh wow ...

Yeah, I knew MSNBC was under same ownership as NBC -- hence my postscript in above post. But I did not realize that about TPP. I had not noticed. Wow. Thanks for pointing that out.

Is it 1984 already? Somebody say something to cheer me up!

(Still glad for your input. We need to know. And I did ask.). 👍

Obama really does have better

hair. I said "LOL" above b/c hair is not what we're concerned about. 😊

Yeah, Obama does have better

hair. LOL. Seriously, all of you above have covered this so well already. Obama is a phenomenal President. It is unbelievable he has accomplished what he has regardless -- not to mention doing so with the racist backlash he has faced and the obstructed/obstructionist Congress on the Repug/Tea Party side.

A secure person would feel happy for Obama and the nation.

Judge ordered trump to pay ...

Your #17 post w/ CNN link reminded me ...


Judge ordered trump to pay nearly $300K in attorney's fees over lawsuit by painter who didn't get fully paid by trump. This court ruling happened just this summer in FL. More context is in above link's report, including lien that was placed on trump property over $34K not paid to painter. This was civil court case; but not paying contractor surely is not legal, surely is criminal whether or not prosecuted (or so it seems to me).

Falsely claiming charitable donations

Whether claiming personal donations or trump foundation donations, trump has most likely committed tax fraud. WaPo reporter Fahrenthold has uncovered likely evidence against trump foundation for claiming donations that it never made:


Probable/possible campaign violation RE: payments to properties

His campaign has paid high "rent" to his properties (mainly Mara Lago in FL, as far as I have read) for campaign events, with fees having increased dramaticaaly after he started getting rnc money (once he became nominee). If it can be established that these fees were jacked up unreasonably -- beyond market value of comparable properties -- then it may be established that he is using campaign donations to enrich himself (or to keep himself from going under financially). Here's sampling of coverage (please search for more -- they're out there), including some from msm, even (surprisingly):






Also, he used campaign money to pay his new/refurbished hotel and n D.C. on Friday night (Sept. 16) for an event that seemed like campaign event at first but turned into commercial for his hotel. If it can be established that this was really advertisement for his own property, then that is a crime. Couldn't get link just jow, but it's out there who in Friday or Saturday news.

May be ... I am not sure if it is called

trafficking per se. It may be; I just don't know the terminology that well. But Trump modeling agency, acc. to Mother Jones and models they interviewed, instructed these models to lie to INS about reasons for wanting to come to U.S. Then went ahead and paid them (but poorly) to work for agency here in U.S. So, deceit in visa applivations/paperwork -- known, planned-out deceit on part of trump modeling agency PLUS hiring/use of illegal/undocumented labor.


The models were treated poorly, forced to pay ridiculously high rent on trump rooming (obviously jacked-up above comparable rent in area) with 4 to 5 people in a room, forced to pay high fees to agents -- these costs taken out of their paychecks, as I understand it.

Oh, and trump has large portion of ownership in this agency (not just name/branding thing).

A number of more reliable (newish/21st cent.), progressive) sources covered this after Mother Jones broke the story. But one "MSM" source (that I know of) that covered it was ABC (just an fyi; I am absolutely not pro abc or pro anything that is "msm":

Probable/possible campaign law violation RE: staff ...

if it is true that trump organization staff used for campaign w/o being reported as such.

Hope you don't mind possible crimes, but I don't know whether proof exists of this (or whether trump campaign corrected it). But in case it us criminal act, it needs to be considered.

trump modeling agency [allegedly] violated ..

immagration law in manner he & agency enticed and coached models to come from other nations to U.S.
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