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Member since: Sat Sep 17, 2016, 03:30 PM
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Time will tell but more possibilities ...

Indeed time will tell. Another possibility has to with police officers' original reason for going over to that apartment complex -- to look for a suspect (who was a different person from Mr. Scott). They presumably mistakenly thought Keith Scott was that suspect (that, or started in on him regardless, but surely not). So maybe police assumed that Mr Scott had a gun if they thought he was this suspect. Keep in mind the police sent multiple cars, starting with unmarked cars, so maybe they had reason to believe the real suspect (again, who was not Mr Scott) was armed and dangerous.

Needless to say, the mistake made about Mr Scott being that suspect is incredibly sad.

Speaking of the unmarked cars, it has been pointed out that Mr. Scott may have been initially confused about what was happening, not realizing these were police and possibly thinking he was robbed. I do not have a link at my fingertips, but I believe it was from an MSNBC program that had multiple people discussing it. Anyway, I think it is a very good point raised. Whether or not Mr Scott had a gun, even if he had a gun, he may have been terrified and confused about what to do. And add to that his TBI-related communication difficulties.

Needless to say, the multiple misunderstandings and misjudgments of Mr. Scott are incredibly sad.

Joy Reid on The Rachel Maddow Show right now.

They are discussing painful topic of loss of life in NC, possible legislative or policy approaches to ... not sure how to describe it ... disclosure of info by police departments and related topics.

So, it is a sad and difficult topic. But these two women doing great job.

Secret Service (fed tax $) has paid Trump $1.6 mil to ride on his plane (so far)

It's sick. More normal for Secret Service to pay campaign; but here, it's paying the candidate himself. And Trump would be using his plane, anyway. Of course, it's sick that he's a candidate & thus getting this service. And this is in addition to trump using campaign donations to pay suddenly jacked-up rent to trump properties during campaign events.

Anyway ... Here's the link on Secret Service paying the candidate:


Trump claims issue of Trump Foundation $ use "put to sleep" ...

by "latest report" they (supposedly) put out. A local reporter in Columbus, OH, managed to ask djt this question at some event (not a presser). Judd Legum with Think Progress (www.thinkprogress.org) covered it here (includes Legum's write-up & Ch. 6 abc affiliate video):


THANK YOU to tammywammy and pinboy3niner for pointing out and correcting link. Link above and in pinboy3niner's reply are correct.

Seahawks' Cornerback Richard Sherman talks police shootings at game presser

Huff Post describes it better than I can:


Similarities of Drumpf & Stumpf

are interesting, eh?

Trump family aide says Trump Foundation $ is Donald's own $

Check this out -- ultimately from Des Moine Register, via Talking Points Memo (w/ its own link to original):


Josh Marshall makes good points in this. The aide is around the trumps a lot ...

U.S. Crackdown on Deutsche Bank & Kim Jong Don's Conflicts

Mother Jones covered the U.S. DoJ investigation of Deutsche Bank that resulted in a demand that the bank pay billions to settle claims. DoJ & the bank are negotiating and will be for months to come.

In the meantime, as you probably know, Kim Jing Don (aka dt or lord cheeto) has borrowed heavily from Deutsche Bank, one of the few major banks (if not the only major, not sure) that will lend him money.


Hello, it's been a great first ... has it only been 3 days?

Hello, DU! Three days ago I signed up with DU. And I have gotten so "into" the postings that it seems like I've been a part of you much longer than that.

Let's see ... I live in a state that, over time, has been and still is a weird patchwork of conservative and progressive and everything in between (and maybe some stuff on a different spectrum!). On balance, for decades, the state as a whole tended to elect centrist Democrats (several were "republican lite" at statewide and congressional district levels; local elections, as far as I know, varied. More recently, roughly in two waves (I think) over a couple decades, the state as a whole has gone more conservative. Ugh.

But I have many progressive friends, one of whom told me about DU some time ago. And I kept reading your posts until I couldn't stand being a by-stander (by-reader?) and decided to sign up.

Have a great day!

NYT Poll Sept 10 thru 14 (Clinton up by 1%, more in article)

Clinton up 1% with four candidates considered, tied with just the two compared. Here's the link to the NYT / Siena College poll:


They explain a fair amount of their methodology, far more than most polling sources that make the "news".

Also, further down in the article, they share what the results would have been if NYT/Siena College had made different choices about how to model. Most results (whether from NYT/Siena College actual model or from these other would-have-been model scenarios) had actual or statistical ties. One would-have-been model would have given Clinton as much as a 6% lead. (I think one scenario had a 4% lead for Clinton, but I am not sure about its margin of error.)

By the way, I found comparisons to other very recent Florida polls (within last couple of weeks), and these results are not hugely different. Some of these other Florida polls were taken before (or mostly before) the pneumonia news, while others were taken over a time frame that included the pneumonia. (Dang it, lost the url about FL polls ... check out reputable poll overviews, poll trackers, poll averaging sites.)

Overall, given the extra "special attention" to dt, the ridiculously negative spin on HRC during most/all days of the NYT/Siena College poll, and the fact that this is Florida we're talking about, I think these findings are pretty darned good. But of course I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will improve even more for HRC in this state!

Thanks again to Loki Liesmith for alerting us to this.

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