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Name: KWR
Gender: Male
Hometown: Oregon
Home country: USA
Current location: Right Here
Member since: Thu Sep 15, 2016, 07:40 PM
Number of posts: 1,098

Journal Archives

We need to have Medicare for all not another band aid law.

We can have Medicare for all. Each employer that has an employee would pay a manadotory $11k calendar year for each employee they have. If an employee works 1 hour a calendar month then the employer would have to pay the tax/fee. Everyone would pay a flat 3% tax on all income no matter the source. Present FICA taxes would remain the same. If someone wants to buy health care or insurance on the open market that is fine but the tax is still required.

Nothing President Chaos does, says or publishes surprises me.

After all 1/3 of Germany voted for Hitler. This is why democracy can be dangerous for minorities. Just ask the African Americans about it.
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