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Profile Information

Name: KWR
Gender: Male
Hometown: Oregon
Home country: USA
Current location: Right Here
Member since: Thu Sep 15, 2016, 07:40 PM
Number of posts: 1,098

Journal Archives

Trump: WHAAAH!


Biden needs to announce that any state that votes to succeed from the Union will automatically stop

all Social Security, student loans & grants, medicaid and Medicare payments for that states residents. That way the States residents will know what is in store for them.

Trump Crys, "But I appointed three of you to the Supreme Court! Wahhh!" n/t

The Right Stuff Trailer


There is no longer a GOP. It is the Trump Party and we should call them Trumpsters.

The GOP is dead.

Supreme Court rejects appeal over Oregon school district's restroom policy for transgender students

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court declined Monday to take up an appeal
from parents in Oregon who want to prevent transgender students from
using locker rooms and bathrooms of the gender with which they
identify, rather than their sex assigned at birth.

The case came from a school district near Salem. The federal appeals
court in San Francisco had upheld a Dallas, Oregon, school district
policy that allows transgender students to use bathrooms and locker
rooms that align with their gender identity.

Parents sued over the policy in 2017, saying it caused embarrassment
and stress.

A lower court refused to block the policy and the 9th U.S. Circuit
Court of Appeals affirmed that ruling, writing that the school
district did not violate studentsí constitutional rights or a law that
protects people from discrimination based on sex in education

-- The Associated Press

Jay Leno Vents About Flying on The Airlines. 1987


Nothing has changed in 33 years.

The MyPillow guy says that Trump will be president for the next 4 years.

I guess the voting by the American citizen and the electoral college don't mean anything anymore!

The Lunatics over at Freepers are now saying that Covid vaccine will sterilize women.

These people are just plan stupid.

President Biden has 279 certified Electoral College Votes as of Tonight. The election is over.

On December 12th they will confirm the election results. Goodbye Donald J. Trump on January 20th.

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