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Oldem's Journal
Oldem's Journal
February 13, 2021


We have at least one witness approved and others might soon follow. The door is now opened for any number of first-hand accounts to be put on the record. Who knows where this might lead, but I'm confident that there won't be significant refutation of what we already know, only--or mostly--corroboration. If they get to Goodman, Tuberville, Pelosi, anybody in the White House during the siege--any number of people--anything could happen.

February 11, 2021

A while ago, Mick Schmidt (NYT) said

that today's presentations [so far] had put it all together for him. He said he'd been caught up in the daily news cycle and didn't have a full picture of the whole thing. We're all like that. But today has immersed us in it, drawing lines between cause in effect. Any American who doesn't see the whole truth, now, isn't paying attention or doesn't care. And we know that some of those who don't care are sitting--or lounging--in the Senate chamber.

February 10, 2021

Some House manager needs to

tie the Big Lie theme directly to its use by Hitler pre-WWII--with film and a little history lesson. Don't let the connection be assumed. Tie it around his neck.

February 10, 2021

There's one part of dump's speech to the mob on 1/6

that has impressed me since that day. I haven't seen anybody comment on it. He said he'd be right there with them when they stormed the capitol. Of course, he didn't honor that promise. He watched it all on TV in the White House. Coward and conman from beginning to end.

February 10, 2021

Rep. Jayapal

is saying on MSNBC that if she'd died, or if multiple members of congress had died, it would probably not make a difference to the repugs entrenched in drump's camp. Chris Cuomo made this point several times on CNN last night. He asked Don Lemon how many of them would have had to die to move repug votes. Lemon said it wouldn't matter how many died. Cuomo also said that this was the fulfillment of dump's boast that he could shoot somebody on 5th Ave., and it wouldn't matter to his followers. We'll have to see how the trial progresses, but I fear Jayapal, Cuomo, and Lemon are right. And if that's not a textbook example of a cult, I haven't seen one. "We believe in our guy so deeply that we'll overlook it if he commits murder." There's an exception, though. If Pelosi, Schiff, AOC, and Jayapal had died, they would have said they deserved it. If Hawley, Cruz, and McConnell had died--even Pence--maybe not so much.

February 10, 2021

Five hearts!

For a short-timer, I'm not just surprised; I'm touched. Thank you, fellow DUers!

February 9, 2021

dump and his minions must be making thousands of calls

to repug Senators, making promises, demands, and threats. If there ever was a time to deluge your Senators with pleas, demands, or threats--especially if your Senators are repugs--now is that time. As a group of like-minded citizens and voters, we should sit idly by and watch this without trying to intervene. We could make this thread--or someone could start another one--a place to tally your calls to Senators. I just called both my Senators, both repugs. I got aides and left messages. I asked that my Senators listen to the evidence with open minds and not hide behind the legal fiction that a president can't be tried and convicted when no longer in office. I asked them to do what's right for their state and country since this man fomented violence against congress, and lives were lost. I promise to make the same calls tomorrow and every day the trial is in progress.

February 4, 2021

More repuQs have now voted to kick Greene to the curb

than voted to impeach dump. Do I dare hope that this is a sign of better days ahead? Or is it just that eleven repuQs, as of now, can't keep their lunch down and go on record as supporting this bozo.

February 4, 2021

Georgia militias forming alliances. Some are MTG-related.

The linked article details who these people are and how they are coalescing. They liken themselves to an “IRA/ Sinn Féin type scenario.” I can't help thinking that these are semi grown-up boys playing at war, in search of a cause. I imagine secret meetings and passwords. I don't think they have a prayer against the FBI and related law enforcement, as well as the military. But that holds only if law enforcement and the military don't actually abet them, and we've already seen some of that. The other problem is that more people might die. The Atlanta Journal/Constitution gives us fair warning.


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