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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 10:37 PM
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Oil/gas sanctions against Russia are what would

be most effective at forcing Russia to back down. It would be difficult for the world economy as well, as gas/oil prices would surge, but it is a small price to pay to bring down a mad man who invades sovereign countries and threatens nuclear warfare. As long as the world buys his oil he will remain in power.

It's impossible to invade and subjugate

a country that fiercely resists it. We learned that in Iraq and Afghanistan which were far easier opponents than the Ukrainians are, who have a real armed forces that is 200k strong with 200k reserves + volunteers with the West feeding them intelligence, weapons and aid. The US trained them to fight a guerilla war, anticipating this situation, and provisioned them with the appropriate weapons incl javelins ands stingers which are highly effective. They have home field advantage, lots of buildings/houses they can snipe from and throw molitov cocktails and other home made explosives. Even if Russia uses more brutal tactics and 'takes the capital' it's a pyrrhic victory as no gov't they install will last.

We need to update our laws to allow ourselves

to deal with the nature of modern warfare, much of which is carried out via cyberspace and the financial system.

Alot of these foreign oligarchs are agents of authoritarian dictators like Putin, and are waging war on the West from the inside.

We need a global army

IT and otherwise, that can bring pressure upon Russia and their enablers, in ways that can cripple the Putin regime from the inside out.

Hacking, boycotts, ostracization... the entire world order needs shaking up. There are many people in the West who led us to this point as well, let's not forget it. Ukraine should've been in NATO a long time ago - if they were this would not be happening. We appeased Putin for too long and give off the impression of being afraid of him - and bullies sense and exploit weakness.

It's human nature, we're violent chimps,

and I'd rather that the chimps on the side of freedom win.

The Putin regime is an enemy regime that we can no longer appease.

I think the West is coming to the conclusion that this is a zero sum game. Putin will not accept the existence of the West, which he views as a threat to authoritarian regimes like his own. Thus, going forward the West IMO will work to cripple Russia with sanctions as well as expand and beef up NATO - all of which will steadily bankrupt the Putin regime and force it to implode. Ukraine and Georgia should've been admitted to NATO a long time ago, which would have prevented Russian aggression against them. Appeasing Putin was a terrible mistake.

Agree, we hung Ukraine out to dry.

Europe (especially Germany) appeased (and forced us to in the process) Russia. Ukraine and Georgia should've been in NATO a long time ago. Russia/Putin's oil corrupted Europe.

Ukraine can fight an effective guerrilla war

especially with weapons/intelligence/etc we supply them with. They hate Putin with a passion and will never accept being forcibly Russified.

NATO was highly effective to stop the Bosnian genocide

in the 90s, where Bill Clinton went around the UN to get around Russia.

In recent years, especially due to Trump, NATO was in disarray.

But this act of Russian aggression is historic - and has strongly united NATO - the most powerful military alliance in the history of the world.

NATO countries have a combined GDP of $42 trillion. Russia has a GDP of $2 trillion.

Basically this is the beginning of another Cold War and arms race where NATO will show Russia it has no chance - especially as the sanctions cripple their economy.

Exactly. NATO's failure to expand *enough*

to include Georgia and Ukraine many years ago, is what is causing this current conflict.

You don't see Putin threatening any former Soviet state that is now a member of NATO, do you?

Unfortunately many in the West (either intentionally or unwittingly) have bought into the 'poor victimized Russia/bad NATO' Kremlin narrative.

It is the West that put Russia back on solid ground when they imploded under the weight of their own contradictions. We nursed them back to life - which was stupid. We should've shrunk Russia and its influence as much as possible and pushed them harder towards democracy.
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