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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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Yes, a parade. During the primaries there were several women

who 'suddenly' emerged claiming Biden sniffed their hair, hugged them etc. Lucy Flores was the first. Tara Reade was also one of them in that 'batch' of accusers. Only later on once Biden was close to securing the nomination did Reade 'expand' on her claims.

Here is a reputable article on the topic, detailing each claim:

All major news outlets picked up on this story, both the earlier 'parade' and also on the later more fantastical Reade stuff.

The media never has the interests of Dems at heart - that should be entirely clear by what happened to Biden.

Biden defeated an incumbent president largely

due to overperformance in the suburbs - the type of moderate voters TLP was targeting. 44k votes across 3 swing states (AZ, WI, GA) determined the presidency. TLP also made the Dem base feel like someone was 'in the ring' fighting back which in past elections (Gore, Kerry, Hillary) we properly failed to do. Morale is a key component in turnout.

24/7 media hype instead of looking at the big picture,

why a reality star won the presidency and almost overthrew democracy. Cuomo did a fairly good job with the pandemic considering his state was ground zero where the body bags were piling up in the early days. He made many decisive/forceful moves to contain the virus and make sure people got help - whereas many other governors (especially Repub) did not do this. And NY (like CA) is a mini country. Look at the meltdown in TX and then their Gov lifted mask mandates etc - no regard for human life. Yet it's Cuomo who is cast as the monster by the media.

She won't be the nominee.

If she were the Dem nominee she would likely easily beat the Repub nominee. But the real 'game' is within the Dem primary and that is where she will face heavy hitters from the anti-Cuomo left, but without any appeal to PoC like he has. Thus, I see the left winning the nomination. The left of course often overestimates their appeal to general election voters, especially if they put up someone with similar policies to de Blasio, who is widely unpopular. In such a scenario the Repubs could win if they put up a moderate with at least some appeal to PoC.

+1. Similar pattern of nebulous sniffing/hugging charges - then boom a groping charge

to really go for the knock out punch. It feels like the Tara Reid/Roger Stone playbook.

AG must investigate. However, it is very curious that Cuomo could spend a generation in NY politics, that he would be doing this - and it wouldn't have spilled to the media and/or been used against him earlier? The idea that he was this all powerful man is false. His father had been defeated by Pataki and the 'Cuomo name' was no longer in vogue. He had even declined to run for governor at one point, iirc 2006. One could argue he only became governor due to the downfall of Spitzer (prostitution scandal), which left the NY Dems in dissaray and created the opening for Cuomo to run.

+1. The Dem base is divided on the trans issue,

more than some realize. PoC tend to be more conservative on gender/orientation issues to begin with, and some women feel their hard fought rights for womens' sports are being infringed upon.

The Repubs deal in division, and are trying to pick off some of our base, like they did with white conservative Dems in a previous era. We did worse with Latinos this time which IMO is not just due to lack of outreach on our part - but due to them moving rightward on some of these issues.

Conservative PoC/women/etc are often oblivious

to the fact that they only have rights due to the struggles of the social justice left over the past 50 years.

Conservative PoC will often say 'I don't need special rights, only what the Constitution gives me.' They simply don't get that the Constitution was written for/by white men who did not intend for anyone else to have rights.

Agree, Manchin said recently

he's open to reforming the filibuster to 'make it more painful... make them stand and talk' - which IMO means he sees at least some problem with the filibuster in its current incarnation. Voting rights and civil rights are crucial to democracy and should be exempt from filibusters, especially considering the history of Jim Crow and how filibusters were used by Southern segregationists to obstruct progress.

The quicker we get the world vaccinated

the more difficult it will be for the virus to spread and mutate, as even the existing vaccines have some defense against the variants, which (along with masking, social distancing etc) slows it down until we get booster shots specifically designed to fight the variants.

Manchin is open to modifying the filibuster,

saw him on MTP and he said he's open to 'making it more painful.. make them stand' ie old school style.

We could also exempt voting/civil rights bills from the filibuster to get HR1 and HR4 passed, otherwise the GOP voter suppression efforts will have devastating effects.

The EC is hardcoded into the Constitution and much harder to get rid of. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) may be one method to get around it.
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