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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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Hope Shittenhouse gets sued

so that any money he makes off of book deals etc goes straight to the victims.

Justice and the law are two different things.

There was once a time when slavery was legal, when women could not legally vote, when black people legally were second class citizens who had little protections against lynchings etc.

The legacy of white supremacy lives on in our system, which was what BLM and the protesters who were killed by Rittenhouse were protesting against. The judge knows this and took a side - the side that has historically benefitted old white men like him.

True but VA has trended blue and politics have become nationalized.

Dems have won 13 straight statewide elections, Hillary won in 2016 by 6, Northam in 2017 by 9 (overperforming the polling which predicted a tight race), Biden by 10.

I find it hard to believe that the voters who rejected Trumpism over the past 5 years would suddenly switch back to a Trumper. Yes Youngkin is more polished, but this is Trump's GOP.

What would FDR do?

There is no such thing as absolute rights, and a pandemic is a wartime situation that demands collective action and collective sacrifice.

Right now, the unvaxxed/anti-mask types are a pampered class that 'free-rides' on the herd protection offered by the vaxxed/masked.

We need to reverse that dynamic, so that the vaxxed/masked folks are the privileged, and the antivaxxed/antimaskers are second class citizens that find it difficult to operate in society. Use any/all legal, political, economic and social mechanisms to force them into a limited lifestyle so that they have an incentive to get vaxxed. Right now they have no incentive and are just free-riding as I described above.

Macron has correct mentality. A pandemic is a wartime situation

which calls for collective sacrifice, including temporarily curtailing of individual rights for the survival of the whole. The CDC made a grave mistake in lifting mask mandates etc too early before we got 80% population vaccinated. It gave the impression that 'the pandemic is over' and those vax hesitant/anti-vax types now have no incentive to get it. Basically we should use every mechanism to prevent these people from taking part in 'normal' society unless they get vax'd.

Dems have been asleep at the wheel on this issue

of voting going back as far as Florida in 2000 and then after Obama was elected with the first round of voter suppression bills. The GOP is dedicated to suppressing votes and stealing elections, but it often seems Dems are not willing to fight back as hard, and just expect black and brown voters and activists like Stacey Abrams to 'outwork' the suppressive efforts. Look what DeJoy did in trying to sabotage the mail - yet we don't see him being held accountable.

Reimagine the police.

Policing is a very difficult job, because they're put in positions most of the day they shouldn't be in - that we need trained social workers who can deal with those situations more calmly and effectively.

And for situations where we do need cops - most of them are not qualified at all for policing itself. I think this point gets lost in the background, but I strongly believe most of these guys/gals are physically, mentally and otherwise unsuited for these jobs - thus they reach for their gun first. A more physically fit, intelligent police force would be able to apprehend suspects and deal with these situations without needing lethal force. We need to fire all of the cops and rehire on stricter standards. The police unions are fundamentally the problem, as they stand firmly in the way of change.

Exactly, she probably had it all planned out in her head,

being an expert in how the law as it applies to these situations works.

She and her husband (it appears from social media posts) are big 'blue line' types. They likely are angry about the Chauvin trial, and in IMO were itching to 'kill a n----r'.

There's no way a veteran cop would mistake a taser (which is made of some plastic type material) to a gun which is heavier and made of metal.

Wright was a black guy who (like Floyd) would not meekly submit to white authority - and thus had to pay.

That is fair. AG Tish James is respected by all camps,

and her findings should be accepted. If Cuomo is found to have done wrong he should resign. What people don't want is another Dem being railroaded by the media out of office - it sets a terrible standard - that Repubs are never held to.

Not true. The nursing homes were supposed to follow guidelines,

to only accept patients if they had the ability to properly quarantine them. And the nursing home spread occured mainly due to workers and visitors etc who lacked proper PPE in the early days of the pandemic. The nursing home problem occurred across the country, not just in NY which even with the 'correct' numbers is still way down on the list.

The goal of his executive order was to make sure the hospitals didn't become overloaded because the nursing homes would arbitrarily refuse to take patients.

In that case, the Cuomo critics would now be saying that he allowed the hospitals to become overloaded with recovered patients while the new patients died in the streets.
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