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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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The 'homophobe' thing is a smokescreen for white fear of an outspoken black woman.

Reid is fiercely outspoken about racial issues in a way that makes white America (including some white liberals) uncomfortable.

Reid has also spoken out about the harassment she and her staff have received from some in the Sanders camp/supporters - who view her as a 'neoliberal shill' or whatever (was noted above they have no problem with Gabbard despite her past far-right views on gays and other topics).

Reid's past comments to me, as a straight male PoC gen-x'er - seem almost mild compared to how we all talked back then.

Homophobic sentiment (even amongst those considered pro-gay) was very common up until the 2010s (as mentioned by other posters above) amongst those of gen-x and gen-y/millennials.

People change, and if people like Warren could be forgiven for being a Republican, then Reid could be forgiven for some homophobic shitposts a generation ago.

Illogical. China would have no interest in killing their consumers.

China is basically the factory for the world, and would have nothing to gain and everything to lose from 'intentionally' spreading a global pandemic.

Now, they were irresponsible, and should have better measures/practices to prevent animal-to-human virus transmission - but that is another discussion.

+1. Fool me twice shame on me.

They stole one election, and would have no problem stealing another, especially that he now has the powers of the presidency and a thug AG to do his bidding.

Michael Cohen, who knows Trump well, said he doesn't believe Trump would leave office peacefully if he loses.

We had our heads in the sand in 2016, and it's good that smart people (credible people, not conspiracists) are thinking out of the box, considering any/all scenarios Trump/Barr/McConnell would use to fuck us.

Exactly. Those instigating the riots are

far-right (fascists, white nationalists, etc) and far-left (anarchists, communists, etc) and are mainly white individuals... many videos now on social media shared by peaceful PoC activists are showing this... of mysterious whites geared up w/gas masks and black outfits who slip into the group and do mayhem (break windows w/hammers, arson, grafitti to make it look like blacks did it, etc) and then slip away.

far-left and far-right white individuals

are the ones mainly breaking the windows with hammers, committing arson etc - there to kickstart the mayhem - there for reasons having little to do with racial justice.

Note that these are very blue/diverse/urban areas that are being destroyed (many black and brown owned businesses) and not red/rural/white areas.

Bill Clinton won in the wake of the '92 LA Riots.

Biden is no Bill (in terms of political talent) but he comes at politics with that similar 'feel your pain' empathetic angle that suits this moment.

2020 is different that 2016. Trump had his racist base but also the advantage of being the 'infomercial salesman' who some (especially independents and apoliticals) voted for hoping 'for magic'. Trump may still win - but he lacks that advantage now, as most people (outside of his core base) know he isn't effective and can't work magic.

Just proves how much racial justice matters

and isn't all about 'class' issues (although class obviously is important).

Because as Malcolm X noted, even a 'black man from Harvard' is still 'just a nigger' in the eyes of many/most whites.

This black man is/was accomplished upper class professional - yet was treated as 'just a scary nigger in the park threatening the safety of a (mediocre) white woman'.

Should be on Biden's campaign as an adviser.

Carville is a political genius who 'gets' what is relevant at any given moment.

He's a street fighter who goes for the throat - which is sorely lacking in how Dems take on Trump/GOP as well as the anti-Dem left.

It was Carville (and Bloomberg/Tim Obrien) as much as Clyburn who took down Bernie and helped Biden, IMO.

Hayes is a solid journalist.

He had to cover the Reade story because mainstream outlets like WaPo, NYT etc were covering it.

Hayes, as a high profile white male, was (IMO) attempting (perhaps too hard) to avoid being the stereotype - ie the type who downplays women's claims that MeToo talks about.

But even Alyssa Milano and others came out in support of Biden, seeing through Reade's shenanigans.

+1. This is not the 90s - Hillary picked Kaine with that mentality

of 'winning over the white moderates in swing states'.

The problem as Rachel Bitecofer and others have noted is: (a) the country is heavily polarized and you have to mobilize base voters (and 'base' doesn't mean far-left, but just core constituencies like PoC, women, youth, liberals, etc that powered Obama); (b) elections are nationalized and picking a VP to 'win a swing state' doesn't work anymore, Hillary would've won VA without Kaine; (c) winning swing states is not just about winning over moderates but mobilizing those marginal base voters who may just stay home. Hillary's PoC and youth vote was down in several key states. If she picked someone like Booker, who would've held moderates just as well as Kaine, but also added more PoC/youth vote - she would've won easily; (d) it simply doesn't look good to have an all-white ticket in the year 2020, when PoC make up such a large portion of the Dem party's base vote. Younger PoC (Gen-X, Millennials and younger) will not take well to an all-white ticket.

Harris is this year's Booker, with a better resume, and should be the obvious pick.

She's a star with the resume to be president. She has broad-based appeal to moderates and white women as well as WoC and others. She's tough and can take/give a punch. She's a Gen-X'er and could appeal to younger generations.

Leftists may not like her, but she did support M4A in the primaries and has moved left since her time as AG.
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