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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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Threat of mass boycotts of the state are imo a better tactic.

I was thinking about this. From now we should simply threaten to organize mass boycotts of any state (including any major industries and products) that would seek to undermine the will of the voters of that state. No party or politician wants to be blamed for their state and local economies being bankrupted - which is what we can easily do to them with 70+ million angry Democrats.

He's what Malcom X termed the 'House Negro'

"He loved his master more than the master loved himself... he never wanted his master's property threatened.. he was more defensive of it than the master was."

Ps. Your use of the term 'massas' is right on.

Those are legit worries, but there are many things we're doing.

1-Biden has created a 'legal war room' to deal with the issue. Both he an Hillary have asserted that this will not be like 2000 where Al Gore conceded, but we will fight to the end.
2-the Dem party has lawyers on the ground in all of these states. It should be noted that most of the rulings (Kanye, Greens, drop boxes, etc) have gone our way thus far.
3-Bloomberg's hawkfish operation, his team has gamed out all of the scenarios, and is ready to rock.
4-many voting rights activsts/groups like Stacey Abrams and Beto, working hard on this.

So we're doing all of that, but the only way it becomes an issue is if it is close. If we turnout heavily and it's not close Trump will go away as fast as he can, as he is a coward who can't take losing. Same goes for his base, who talk big but are mainly middle aged wannabe Rambos who won't do shit.

Agree, rural whites are viewed as the 'volk' of America

and the system has always catered to them from its founding, hence the imbalance the EC/Senate/USSC gives them.

It should be noted that rural PoC generally vote Dem, even in the south which is much more conservative. Rural whites aversion to Dems goes back to the issue of civil rights and associated movements (feminism, gay rights, etc) embraced by the Dem party during the 60s and onward. It actually even goes back further, when Hubert Humphrey threw down the gauntlet at the 1948 Dem convention where he called out the party's failings on race:
"My friends, to those who say that we are rushing this issue of civil rights, I say to them we are 172 years late. To those who say that this civil-rights program is an infringement on states’ rights, I say this: The time has arrived in America for the Democratic Party to get out of the shadow of states' rights and to walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights."

Basically the civil rights issue (and how each party dealt with it) transformed the Repubs into a culturally conservative party and the Dems into a culturally liberal one.

We should always try to reach out to rural voters to hold down the GOP's margins, but realize there are far more voters we leave on the table in metro areas who Dems really don't engage properly, as the demographics can be complex.

Bingo. FDR's New Deal coalition was held in place by Jim Crow,

and once LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 it set in motion realignment of the parties, where the conservative Dems began moving over to the GOP in successive waves, from Nixon to Reagan and to Trump.

At the same time liberal Repubs, women and non-whites started moving to the Dems, transforming the party to a metro-centric and diverse party.

The idea that conservative whites (rural and otherwise) started leaving due to stuff like NAFTA is a lie - it started with Civil Rights.

Agree. If anything RBG's death will move the left

in ways that Biden himself could not. Trump already moves the right.

The MSM is operating under the conventional wisdom that 'the Right votes on supreme court, Left does not'. This may be true in a generic sense but not when a liberal icon like RBG and her legacy is essentially 'on the ballot'. There is deep sadness and anger in the air, which will motivate the left and anti-Trump voters in general (women, moderates, etc).

Big pharma corps (which are pro-GOP) control the trials

and could rush or manipulate the trials to the get data they need that would help Trump get his October surprise.

Any vaccine approval released before the election is de facto political in nature and not to be trusted.

If these companies and gov't agencies care so much about the public buying into the vaccine (and vaccination) they would wait until after the election to do any approval.

I don't trust Fauci - he's another Mueller type

who 'the Resistance' views as some type of savior but is just another establishment white guy who wants to keep his spot at the country club - fuck him.

A true patriot would come out and condemn Trump and Hahn's attempts to politicize the FDA and the CDC, and should denounce the release of any vaccine before Election Day as it would be viewed as a political stunt and thus distrusted by half of the electorate.

+1. I've heard many people say this.

Someone as awful as Trump should be 20 points down, should've been impeached, etc, etc.

We have to thank Trump for one thing: he revealed the truth about our country (that many of us long suspected) and the nature of many of its citizens (many have no problem with a fascist as long as he's 'their facist') and institutions (police are a RW militia).

The good news is Biden does have solid and durable lead and nobody on our side is taking anything for granted like maybe some did last time. Biden's message is sharpening - he's hitting Trump hard where it hurts and I doubt there's anything Trump can do as the bodybags pile up and the October surprises rain down on him.

As Biden said in his acceptance speech - "I will be an ally of the light" - we just have to hope the light prevails.

We need to pitch a 'liberal' white identity politics.

As a gen-x PoC who grew up with many culturally liberal whites (ie, they are pro-choice and not religious) who now vote GOP - we can get these people back into the Dem column with the correct messaging.

Some white voters have the perception that Dems are for 'all of these other people' but have nothing specific for them. Like it or not people are snowflakes and like to feel catered to. We need to have an agenda specifically for (and use the term) 'white working class', and offer liberal solutions for alot of the problems (drugs, mental health, jobs, trade/outsourcing, education, healthcare, climate) that face many white communities.

Immigration is an issue that Trump killed us on with many groups, including some blacks, latinos, women, etc. We need to make it clear we support DACA but also believe in strong borders... basically take a centrist postion on immigration. Most voters don't want too much immigration, legal or illegal, as it puts too much pressure on the labor market, services, etc.

Guns often kill us with rural whites (and even some rural/southern latinos). We have to stress that we support gun control while respecting the rights of responsible gun owners. It's about getting guns out of the hands of dangerous people, which is good for everyone.
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