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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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It was a planned coup disguised as a protest,

not a protest that went wrong. The more evidence that comes out proves this. They seemed to have details of the layout and came prepared with helmets, vests, weapons, bear spray, zip ties etc and even constructed a gallows. Clearly they prepared to take and execute hostages, with the intent of derailing the peaceful transfer of power.

We should be very concerned about any MAGA apologists in the military - as it is that mindset that likely led to the police going easy on them, as well as outright complicity.

+1. White nationalism is at the core of Trumpism

and of election denialism. It irks them that in many of these swing states black/brown voters in big cities were the decisive margin that put Biden over the top. To the MAGAts such votes should not count at all, hence their sense (without evidence) that the election was fraudulent.

They need to be prepared to use deadly force

against anyone who would breach a predetermined 'line in the sand'. The only thing that stopped the MAGAts from getting into the House floor was that officer in the suit who shot the woman who almost made it through the doorway to the Speaker's Chamber. The other MAGAts there trying to break down the door suddenly had a change of heart and retreated once they realized deadly force would be used - which it should've way earlier before they got inside the building.

Cops are basically a right wing militia

and nothing in society will change until they are broken down and rebuilt.

Making commissions and new laws etc doesn't work because ultimately the cops are the ones who have to enforce the laws, and do so selectively based upon their racist RW worldview.

The role of the VP and Congress in this matter is largely ministerial and ceremonial,

they have no real power to change the outcome, according to the Constitution and the Electoral Count Act.

The courts resolve election disputes and the states certify the results. Congress only has a role in the rare case this does not occur. Congress does not have a deliberative role or a role that supercedes the courts and the states.

+1. Dems ignore our base at their own peril.

Hillary lost because of depressed turnout of PoC, youth and urban areas - Biden won because he brought it back to normal levels (even if not as high as Obama levels).

People fixate on the Spanberger type of districts. But the fact remains, Democrats are a metrocentric party that cannot win any statewide or national race without heavy turnout from our urban base. Just look at any electoral map by county, and it is evident that Dem votes are concentrated in urban (ie diverse) areas, for whom progressive issues such as policing, systemic racism and income inequality are front and center.

Urban districts like those represented by the Squad are why Biden won.

This idea that somehow those districts (and the people who represent them) are irrelevant to Dem politics is absurd.

If Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly, Atlanta etc didn't turn out a huge Dem vote then Biden does not win those states.

Dems can't win any statewide race without strong urban turnout. The modern day Dem party is a metrocentric party.

K shaped recovery, the rich get richer while the rest get poorer,

also why 'the stock market' and 'the economy' are not the same thing. The market has been booming while people are on food lines.

Trump and the RW ignored the virus and forced people into the pandemic to die for the 1 percent, history will show.

Cops are greedy right-wingers who just want to get paid.

Alot of what police budgets are all about is extorting the tax payers. Lots of them just hang around doing nothing most of the time, or writing tickets to meet their quotas - in between their killings/beatings of blacks and browns (and others, suprising number of whites also are abused, yet I guess they don't care about protesting it). Then the cities/towns have to shell out tax payer money when they get sued for the bad actions of the police.

That's why 'Defund the police' is a provocative slogan that gets the conversation rolling in the right direction. It's not about some weak sauce 'reform' (that has been tried for years with no effect) but about busting up and remaking a fundamentally corrupt and entrenched institution.

As I said, I prefer the slogan 'Remake the police' or 'Reimagine the police' - but I get why BLM activists use the 'Defund' slogan - at it hits at the heart of the issue.

Exactly, Jamaal Bowman is much more connected with the base

than Obama currently is. 'Reform the police' is weak sauce that the cops just laugh at.


Personally I prefer 'Remake the police' or 'Reimagine the police' because that is what needs to be done.

But make no mistake, as Bowman stated, this is not about some slogan but allowing us to be controlled by RW framing, instead of fighting back. Kaepernick kneeled silently and respectfully yet was demonized because White America pedestalizes the police and views blacks and browns as 'ungrateful'. That's the core problem and until that is addressed nothing will change.
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