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The question is a rhetorical one designed to expose the true

goals of the antichoice position, which is the subjugation of women.

Anti-choice is about male control of women ie systemic sexism.

The gov't does not control male sexuality/reproduction like it does to women. It is true there are many antichoice women and prochoice men - but overall it is male society which seeks to subjugate women. Thus, until women have equal representation/power to men in the system, they are far less accountable for the antichoice position than men are.

Historically men started all of the wars and drafted other men to fight it.

The draft, in modern times, is more about conservatives (many of whom are women) and the rich starting wars and not caring if poor or PoC men get used as cannon fodder. IOW it is a class issue.

I believe women will be subject to the draft in the near future, the Obama admin supported this position.

The alt-left is really what they're thinking of, not liberals.

The 'abolish the police' types are not Dems or liberals, but illiberal leftists and anarchists who generally dislike Dems.

That's what Rev Al was getting at also that communities of color need police reform, and not to abolish the police, which would simply leave such communities exposed to crime.

Morning Joe's show is doing well at bringing in moderate voters - because at the same time while critiquing elements of the left they're also praising the Dem ticket and beating down on Trump.

Wow, just shows the emotional power and historic significance of this pick.

If this warms Shaun King's heart it could convert anyone.

I was a Kamala supporter from the beginning and even though her campaign fizzled out (which was not entirely her fault, lots of factors at play at why a campaign succeeds, Biden himself didn't run a good campaign) we always saw and admired her brilliance.

Congrats to Joe for making the right pick and not being bullied into picks that 'seem' safe (Rice, Whitmer) but actually were not.

ps. for those who don't know the #KHive are Kamala's supporters on Twitter.

Most 'hacktivists' such as Wikileaks no longer have credibility and are Russian/GOP propagandists.

They like to portray themselves as independent non-ideological truthseekers, and in the past many were.

But in recent years they've become ideologically alt-left/alt-right ... basically losers who resent the success of women, PoC, etc.

Thus there is no way to trust the authenticity of anything they put out, and no reason for any credible media outlet to cover it.

Systemic racism is affirmative action for whites.

500 years of whites only in power: crickets
40 years of incremental social justice to correct historical inequities: "we must choose based on merit, certainly must never see skin color or gender!" lol

The fact is, social media/internet really has revealed the extent racism/racial myopia that exists amongst not only RW whites but whites as a whole. Many white leftists are not necessarily socially liberal, there are many who are indistinguishable from RW whites on social/racial issues. I always wondered how the FDR coalition (that appeased the Klan and Dixiecrats) held together, but it's clear why/how it did.

Was just watching this video on youtube where these white women (Krystal Ball and someone else) were trashing Kamala Harris as a shameless opportunist, and the comment section is loaded with racists and sexist leftists who insinuate that Kamala only got where she was due to her looks/sexuality and fealty to corporations/money. Yet these white women work for a RW corp (The Hill) and are using their looks to reel in the LeftBro audience, want to be successful, etc.

If a middle-America white woman is chosen instead

of a woman of color - of which there are several strong choices - there will be major blowblack from PoC who have long thought the choice would be a woman of color, especially in this moment.

Older PoC supported Biden for pragmatic reasons as well as loyalty to Obama. Middle aged and younger PoC have never really cared for Biden and if he fails to put a WoC on the ticket (which he's long implied that he would) it's not going to be pretty, especially on social media.

The whole 'stop Kamala movement' is just weird combo

of sexism and racism - fear of an ambitious WoC.

There's palpable desperation on the part of some, on both the right and left, to make sure 'we stop Kamala ' lol.

I will say this, if some middle-America white woman is selected instead - there will be blowback amongst PoC especially WoC - who have long expected the VP choice would be a WoC.

In times of crisis America runs to old white men.

Trump's election was/is a national emergency to many that causes voters/media to flock to the old white guy candidates, hence Sanders and Biden finishing in the top two, despite they themselves having run poor campaigns. Kamala, Warren, Booker, Beto - imo all ran better campaigns and did little wrong yet failed to catch on due to be clouded out by the 'need to nominate old white guy' sentiment. The fact that the primary schedule begins in the white Iowa and New Hampshire also doesn't help.

Note that Biden himself has never been successful at presidential politics, yet did well as VP for Obama - because choosing a VP is all about demographic balance and the ability to the defend the President. Kamala, in this light, is the best choice by far for Biden as she's a woman of color, highly accomplished and willing to fight/play the attack dog role required of the VP.

Citizen vs subject.

Joy Reid gave a good analysis of this situation about a month ago:

-many whites tend to consider themselves the 'true citizens' of America, while 'the other' (non-whites, liberals, gays, etc) are merely subjects, who exist, but for whom their role is (at best) to know their place and serve.
-many whites believe (often correctly) that the laws of society dont apply to them, but exist to defend the white way of life and control 'the other'.
-IOW, "I (as a citizen) tell YOU what to do. You(as a subject) don't tell ME what to do."

That's why we see Trump running on 'law and order' when he himself follows no laws.

That's why we see anti-maskers crying about 'constitutional freedoms' while remaining silent on the gestapo actions against peaceful BLM protesters.

Covidiots are also pissed about the lockdown because it is the duty of the subjects to serve, not care about their own lives.

Note that the Karens and Karls (ps: Chad is an incel term to refer to ladies men) incidents are often 'quality of life' situations where they feel they are enforcing and defending white quality of life, that laws don't apply to them but to the PoC they are 'disciplining' (the cops often also think the same way).
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