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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 10:37 PM
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Very good post. We need to select the *best* for policing,

based upon merit and abilities - not because the 'blue brotherhood' invites that individual in.

Alot of these cops are out of shape, stupid, scared, etc - in addition to being racist and rightwing - which leads them to using their weapons in lethal ways against all types of people. They do it more against black/browns but their policing skills against others is not good either. Basically they suck and their unions need to be busted.

Divider-in-chief Trump is responsible for creating this atmosphere.

The sooner we get rid of him the sooner the chaos in this country ends.

Note also that alot of this mayhem is driven by alt-right accelerationists, alt-left anarchists and just apolitical shit disturbers - not legit BLM or social justice activists.

It's all gaslighting and projection.

They accuse 'the left' of doing what they themselves are doing.

And may I remind them that it is Trump who is president now and the division/chaos of the pandemic and racial/social issues are all on him.

Obama left him a strong economy and social fabric and he fucked it up like he's done throughout his life/businesses.

The truth about Trump when we put all of the bluster/media hype to the side - is he is simply terrible at managing anything.

She's a gaslighting birther b1tch

who mocked the kids in cages with her 'I don't care do u' raincoat.

She talks about bullying - lol - her husband is the bully in chief.

Just go away Melania, you're not fooling anyone - you'll never be a Jackie Kennedy, HRC, Michelle or (our future first lady) Jill Biden.

Mueller has a great background also.

Both men have served the country with integrity.

However, both are easily bullied and played by the likes of Barr and Trump.

Fauci should denounce any attempt to fasttrack some vaccine for political purposes - he has not done that - which means we should not be surprised if he suddenly appears on a podium with Trump a week before election day 'praising Mr. Trump's leadership in delivering us this vaccine'.

C'mon man - you're being obtuse.

Falwell is the typical religious hypocrite who wants to throw his wife (also a hypocrite) and others under the bus while casting himself as the victim.

The pool boy's story is credible. He has texts and pics that he shared with credible news outlets which substantiate his claim that it was a sex game involving all three people. IOW, Jr is not an innocent bystander. Nor is the wife just 'someone who had an affair'. They wanted sex games and sought it out.

The personal trainer situation we don't know if it was sexual but seems like a similar pattern to the pool boy story.

U.S. Authorizes Plasma Treatment for Virus, but the Big Prize for the White House Is a Vaccine

Source: The New York Times

Trump administration officials met with congressional leaders last month and told them they would probably give emergency approval to a coronavirus vaccine before the end of Phase 3 clinical trials in the United States, perhaps as early as late September, according to two people briefed on the discussion.

The move would be highly unusual and would most likely prompt concerns about whether the administration is cutting corners on approvals for political purposes.
Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the infectious disease expert who serves on the coronavirus task force, has said early next year is the most likely timing.
One senior administration official who was briefed on the meeting said neither Mr. Meadows nor Mr. Mnuchin had suggested a vaccine could be approved as early as late September. The official was adamant that the administration would not approve a vaccine solely on the basis of foreign clinical trials.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/23/world/covid-19-coronavirus.html

Clearly Trump is pressuring the FDA to fasttrack an untested (and potentially dangerous) vaccine as his 'October suprise', to save his sinking campaign.

The founders could not have envisioned

the outsized national role the senate and supreme court would have, or how undemocratic the EC would become.

The system as we have now amounts to taxation without representation, where the votes of people in populous areas/states are worth far less than rural/empty states... where blue states are the makers that lead the way and red states are the takers that hold us back in the past.

The GOP is as bad as it is because they aren't forced to move to the center, due to the structural imbalance that favors white rural regressives.

+1. We need to resist attempts to 'cancel' the Clintons.

I keep seeing articles in various publications that Bill should not speak due to Epstein ties. There is no evidence he did anything wrong; he was a politician and Esptein was a prominent member of the donor class that had ties to most powerful people in politics, business and culture.

Bill Clinton was one of the best Dem presidents and Hillary was a trailblazing first lady and politician in her own right. Bill saved the Dem party from itself in a time when Dems couldn't get elected dogcatcher.

The RW (and far left) want us to fall for the bait as that would lead to a slippery slope that 'cancels' Biden on similarly flimsy evidence.

He's always had alt-right (or alt-left) elements to his worldview, remember Coulter

got popular by being on his show. And iirc he's friends with Bari Weiss.

He's your typical alt-Bro who resents anyone telling a white man what to do.

It's true that most people are a product of their times and we need to view historical figures in that context. But the point of this moment and our reckoning around race and gender issues now is that if we fail to correct the sins of past then systemic injustices remain baked into the system. So it's not about the past as much as it's about what we do now.

For example, confederate statues must be removed as they stand as current symbols of white supremacy. They need to be in museums where we can understand them in their proper historical context.
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