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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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Conservatives view whites as the true victims

is what it boils down to. They truly do think that 'cracker' and the n word are equivalent insults, that Omar and Greene are equally bad, that BLM and the insurrectionists are similar, etc.

The truth is that due to systemic racism the n word is not merely an insult but a tool of oppression, that Omar used unfortunate terms (which she apologized for) in critiquing Israel-Palestine policy while Greene is just a racist and violent conspiracist with no coherent policy positions, that BLM protests against white supremacy and actual injustice while the insurrectionists stormed the Capitol to pull off a coup and install Trump for life so that they could cement white supremacy.

+1. WV is 'red' mainly due to cultural issues,

but is a fiscally populist state where even the GOP governor wants the bigger stimulus.

Sinema and Manchin think they're being bipartisan but voters don't care about bipartisanship (even though they say they do). Voters care about results for their family and their bank account - and if their leaders fail to deliver this they will simply view the party in power as ineffective and vote them out. McConnell understands this which is why he hopes to blockade or water down everything Biden wants (and trick conservative Dems into going along with him in the name of 'bipartisanship) just like he did with Obama.

Manchin is the Lieberman of this era.

Manchin endorsed Susan Collins, which IMO indicates by such an action he's not that concerned which party controls the Senate, just about the power of his 'problem solvers' caucus and the power they wield in the middle of negotiations.

Lowering the income to qualify for the stimulus check is something the GOP would love as it would only serve to divide our base, which is heavily urban and suburban, where salaries can be higher but cost of living is much higher as well. Biden only won the swing states because he overperformed in urban/suburban areas - not because he did much better than Hillary in the rurals - which have been trending redder and redder towards the Trump direction.

WV was historically a conservative Dem state

that may disagree with modern Dems on social issues but has always been to the left economically.

Manchin is out of touch. Nobody cares about token Senate bipartanship. His constituents need help and even his Repub governor wants a big relief package.

Manchin doesn't get it, he would be punished for going too small

not too big. Even the Repub gov of the state said he wanted a big package. Manchin has been hanging around Mitch and Susan too long. He doesn't seem to get that all the Repubs want to do is water down and obstruct like they did during the Obama years. We're in an emergency, it's not time for austerity, which the Repubs only want so they can 'make Biden a one term president' like they tried to do to Obama. F that noise.

Biden clearly sent Kamala in to AZ and WV to light a fire under the asses of these conservative Dems and to build support for a big relief package. It was Biden sending the message that he's in charge and is not going to be obstructed by some silly 'gang of bipartisans' like in the Obama era.

There's no way this Sandy Hook truther can serve on the Education Committee,

as it would be an insult to all of those families who lost loved ones in these massacres. Dems must move forcefully ahead and strip her if McCarthy won't do it. It's an unprecedented move but thoroughly justified. In order to defeat Trumpism we must enforce democratic norms and basic decency. If we fail to do this we become the proverbial frog boiling slowly in the pot until it's too late to jump out.

This is part of the problem with our criminal justice system,

in that some black guy selling cigarettes or passing a counterfeit bill gets the 'death penalty by cop' but whites like this who participated in an insurrection are treated and viewed delicately by the law. There needs to be much stronger laws against domestic terrorism, in the way that RICO put an end to the mafia that also used to skirt around laws before it.

Fool me twice shame on me.

The Repubs exploited Obama's genuine desire for bipartisanship. They delayed, obstructed, pretended - just so the final bill would fail or be so watered down that voters would view Obama as ineffective.

We need to dunk on these fuckers and show them who's boss. As McTurtle himself said 'Elections have consequences.'

Process is quickly forgotten but results are forever.

If Biden beats the pandemic and saves the economy nobody is going to give two shits about how he did it. Dems will simply look good and we'll easily hold the WH and expand majorities in Congress.

The Repubs are the Seditionist Party and not to be trusted in any way. Their only goal is to run the same playbook they ran with Obama ie obstruct, weaken and then whine and then ride it to big gains in the Senate and House. F them - Biden needs to strongarm Sinema and Manchin and pass the Covid rescue via Reconciliation with Dems alone. The Repubs passed tax cuts for the rich via the same process and were able to sell it as a 'win'. That's all voters care about is 'wins'. F bipartisanshit.
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