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JHan's Journal
JHan's Journal
June 24, 2017

On Joy just now:

A panel discussion about Ossoff's loss and South Carolina:

Points I took away:

1) We have to focus on our base, we have to micro target those who consistently support the Democratic Party through thick and thin and demonstrate consistently we actually care . That would be African Americans, "latinos", single women, young people. In SC , specific messages were used to reach out to African American voters about their concerns. It wasn't just about the repeal of "Obamacare" or having John Lewis do an ad but talking about heart disease and how gutting healthcare would impact vulnerable communities.( for example)

2) Nationalising campaigns enables the opposition to continue demonising our national leaders tying them to small local races.

3) DCCC should have channeled more funds to SC.

4) GA is a Republican district. Quit trying to convince people who will never vote for you and work on buttressing those who consistently do - that means targeting voter suppression, and engaging in mass voter registration efforts to counter Republican chicanery.

5) Stop crying over losses and using losses in red districts to attack democratic leaders.

Good discussion which made me revise some of my views.

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