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Member since: Thu Sep 8, 2016, 11:47 AM
Number of posts: 453

Journal Archives

Trump: World Series is Rigged

I'm just imagining this is what he's thinking...

Question? Did "The View"

Bring up the child rape case today? My friends mom said that they did

Secretary Biden

Politico reporting that Biden is at the top of the list for potential SOS.
He would be extraordinary in this role. He has more experience than anyone I can think of for this position.

Is there a New National Poll?

Andrea Mitchell mentioned one that Hillary has a 9 pt lead?

Republican Parents Voting for Hillary

ACA revelation didn't change their minds.

Jennifer Granholm

Would be a great DNC chair. Idk if she is interested in that, but she is a great surrogate and very relatable.

Bad Hombre


Ad: Matthew Shepards Mom

This is a very touching ad. We need to reject hatred November 8th. No Hate November 8!

Bernie for Senate Chair!

Listen, I know it isn't as sexy as President. However, in the words of Joe Biden... " This is a big fucking deal!"

I am proud to vote for Hillary for President, as I was to vote for Obama.

However, I strongly believe that Bernie is too great to be constrained by the office of the Presidency! We need him in the Senate and we need him to be the chair of the Budget Committee!

You want to continue the Revolution? This is how it is done friends! We Elect a Democrat to the White House and get a Democratic majority in the Senate and we push like hell to make the most progressive party platform a reality.

I love Hillary and always have. And as a Democrat I don't stand by and just say my Democrat President is infallible. No! We are better than that, we are smarter than that! We are about the progress not the person! So yes we will hold her feet to the fire bc as Democrats that's what we do. Democrats care about America and Republicans care about Republicans.

So I hope everyone on DU will RISE UP. Don't just VOTE! Volunteer! Take Bernies Passion and Hillarys Pragmatism and mold it into a movement that will make our great country even BETTER!!!

Kentucky Family Get Together

At a small family get together today politics came up casually. Almost my entire family voted for GW Bush minus me and my sister and her husband.
The same Bush loving rednecks are now in strong support of Hillary Clinton. I figured that the reasons would be the recent taped revelations. No. They all had different language to use for Trump, they weren't mean spirited words. To sum it up they don't think he is prepared and they think he will screw up some major things.
My uncle is a retired physician and used to attend fundraisers for Mitch McConnell. He is voting for Hillary and doesn't give a shit about her emails or Wikileaks. He said, "that man has no idea what the hell hes doing!!!"
He also said that he left the Republican Party bc they spend too much time worrying about social issues and not enough time trying to govern. He said Trump is a product of the ignorance that they've been cooking for the past 20 years.
My family is diverse in education levels and socio economic levels.
My dad hasn't been speaking up which tells me he is conflicted. I think he supported Trump early on more bc he was pissed about Hillarys private server, but also gets annoyed about political correctness. He watches Fox News. He though piped up and expressed a lot of concern over Russia and really believes that Russia is making some frightening moves. I think that he really is questioning why Putin wants Trump to win so badly.
I will say my family may just be unique. They are White Christian/ Catholics that rarely/never go to church.
As I drove out of my parents upper middle class subdivision there were 0 yard signs. In 2004 that subdivision was littered with Bush Cheney signs. On the way out... One yard had their Clinton/Kaine and Yarmuth! Sign in the front yard.
Does this mean something significant, probably not. I think what it really reveals is that people don't want to talk about who their voting for and they don't want to advertise who their voting for. BUT from driving around all areas of Louisville the Clinton signs FAR exceed Trump.
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