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Name: Jerry
Gender: Male
Hometown: Idaho
Home country: USA
Current location: Idaho
Member since: Tue Aug 30, 2016, 08:41 PM
Number of posts: 45

Journal Archives

Dem Voter Confidence Is Misplaced

As Iíve said before, we all know that Donald Trump is a cartoon. But it feels like Democrats are overly confident in this election because of that. Dr. Lara Brown, the Director of the Political Management Program at George Washington University, said recently that American voters feel that both candidates, including Hillary Clinton, lack honesty and trustworthiness. Whatís troubling for Democrats is our inability to see this or at least see it as a threat.

However, we are living in a political climate where Brexit passed in the UK, Bernie Sanders, a self proclaimed socialist nearly won the nomination and where a candidate as poorly qualified as Donald Trump can ascend to the Republican nomination. These facts should be seen as warnings, not a clear path to the goal.

We Democrats are missing some important narratives: even though the email story seems dumb and manufactured, big data breaches make Americans feel unsafe because they make the news, seem dangerous and are on the rise, so when a candidate is associated with one, right or wrong, subconsciously Americans feel that. It doesnít matter what actually happened, if it made people feel unsafe. The logical Democrat is failing to understand that not everyone who votes is logical.

Most importantly, and Iíve had so many petulant liberals fight me hard on this, Democrats must start taking the high road, promoting Hillary and stop bashing Trump. When we bash Trump, we make him the story, we add nothing to this insatiable black hole of a topic and we neglect to show the positive qualities Hillary Clinton brings to the race. Like it or not, Hillary Clintonís 4 decades in the public eye has not made her reputation clear enough among many potential voters and simply suggesting that itís willful ignorance to not know doesnít help. There are willfully ignorant people that could impact the result.

But most importantly in this election, and I say this with the guarded optimism that Hillary Clinton will win the presidency, is the down ticket. If Democrats want a big victory in November, Democrats must create some enthusiasm around their candidate. I donít mean creating the fear of Trump, again, this makes him the story. I mean selling Hillary Clinton to the people, winning over Bernie Sanders enthusiasts, energizing those swing voters who wait until about now to learn who is even running. If we donít do that, we might end up with a presidential victory (and maybe not...Brexit) but we will be stuck with more Republican intransigence and more failed and unresponsive government.

More Pro Hillary, Less Anti Trump Please

I have a simple desire: I would like to see more pro Hillary campaigning from the left and less anti-Trump. Weíve come to the point where we know Trump is a clown, but all of the noise has made it difficult for me to get a handle on the person I will vote for in November. Who exactly is Hillary Clinton and what does she stand for?

I know that Hillary has been in the spotlight for decades and I should know from her record already everything I need to know, but there is a lack of narrative. Even though public figures should be careful with their emails in todayís world, Iím not moved by this story. I also know that it is across the US government that cybersecurity is lagging behind the times. What I donít know comes down to what are our values as a nation. Are we just childish predators who are excited that we found someoneís mistake or are we truly concerned about email servers. The only thing Iíve learned from all of this is that my business needs to encrypt my data. I suspect even then, if someone really wanted in, they would get in.

This extends into the realm of the issues that matter to me. Because of the straw men stories out there I have a hard time figuring out if Hillary really is too hawkish for my tastes or if she is merely practical in a hostile world that sometimes requires force. Is her measured approach one that will ultimately lead to more results than being idealistic? I would love to see the campaign and the media explore these subjects, but instead I get a barrage of Trump is a buffoon or Hillary Benghazi!

I for one have grown fatigued at the current state of political discourse and it isnít merely limited to Fox News. A vapid voice has become the narrator to our nationís dialogue, so itís no wonder that most people also discuss issues on a low level or simply tune out. We have more information and education available to us than at anytime in history, yet we are functioning as if we are only allowed to listen to our crazy drunk uncle to find out whatís happening in the world of politics.

And if I ever question a stance Hillary has taken or seems to support, the only response I seem to get is, ĎWould you rather have Trump?í The answer is obviously Ďnoí, but that doesnít advance the discussion. I would still like to be able to examine the likely next president without a default response. I would like to consider who will lead us without it only being the opposite of obvious disaster. This dynamic doesnít just avoid criticism. It becomes unnecessary to praise Hillaryís accomplishments, values and character in this climate, because all we need to know is Trump is, well, Donald Trump.

But I am personally excited by the idea that we could have a female president. The optics are incredible for every little girl and young woman out there. This shows that they could actually sit in the worldís most powerful seat. This shows that itís not just a manís world. I also hope that a woman president could bring a temperament to the Oval Office that has been lacking in our history of patriarchal leaders. All that said, it feels like we are in a junior high spat as to who the popular kid is leading up to the election. And I hope that just because Trump is an obvious no, doesnít mean the only choice is a bad one.
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