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Name: Jerry
Gender: Male
Hometown: Idaho
Home country: USA
Current location: Idaho
Member since: Tue Aug 30, 2016, 08:41 PM
Number of posts: 45

Journal Archives

Adapting To A Changing Business World

Like so many components of life, running a business requires an ability to adapt and change. The world around us changes and that requires that we match it or fail. This is often a point of resistance, but when embraced it can be a powerful driver of success. Here are some tips to help your business adapt to the dynamics of a modern economy.

Be Transparent With Employees

Stress is often created when employees feel like a change was foisted upon them suddenly and without notice. When we meet with employees and prepare them for eventualities it makes them feel invested and part of the transition. When change is simply dropped in the lap of employees they often resist, even if unintentionally, which makes the transition slower and less effective. It can also create a culture of mistrust, strain and burnout that leads to loss of productivity.


Transparency is only possible with effective and deliberate communication with employees. The days of “my way or the highway” seem to be passed. Employers must understand that they are not merely creating a product, but a company culture and that requires communication and encouraging interaction. This isn’t limited to one on one meetings or gatherings, this can be improved by organizing fun activities outside of the work place, like picnics or parties. At these events, employees develop trust as well as bonding with their coworkers and managers.

Accept Change

A major friction to long term business success is being rigid. As the world changes, so must we and by extension, so must our businesses. We don’t want to be the best fax repair service in a world of emails, PDFs, and digital transmissions. Even if you are the best in your field, your irrelevance will eventually lead to your failure. Stay current with your industry and expect to change as your industry does. This will ease the transition and perhaps provide new opportunities with even greater potential.

Keep Learning

Often times skills are transferable, but require advancing your understanding. For example, I became certified to wire computer networks back in 1999. The same knowledge doesn’t apply now to wireless routing and networking, but much of the same principles do. So having that background is not wasted as the world became wireless, it merely required a commitment to continued learning.

Ultimately, the world will continue to change. The question is merely, will you change with it? If not, be prepared to be passed by as technology and industry forge ahead. But if you are willing to adapt, you give your business a change to succeed and perhaps even grow into new, unexpected heights.
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