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Name: Liam Donaldson
Gender: Male
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,961

Journal Archives

Stanford makes great advance with AI


Stanford's Alpaca AI performs similarly to the astonishing ChatGPT on many tasks but it's built on an open-source language model and cost less than US$600 to train up. It seems these godlike AIs are already frighteningly cheap and easy to replicate.
Six months ago, only researchers and boffins were following the development of large language models. But ChatGPT's launch late last year sent a rocket up humanity's backside: machines are now able to communicate in a way pretty much indistinguishable from humans. They're able to write text and even programming code across a dizzying array of subject areas in seconds, often of a very high standard. They're improving at a meteoric rate, as the launch of GPT-4 illustrates, and they stand to fundamentally transform human society like few other technologies could, by potentially automating a range of job tasks particularly among white-collar workers people might previously have thought of as impossible.

Many other companies notably Google, Apple, Meta, Baidu and Amazon, among others are not too far behind, and their AIs will soon be flooding into the market, attached to every possible application and device. Language models are already in your search engine if you're a Bing user, and they'll be in the rest soon enough. They'll be in your car, your phone, your TV, and waiting on the other end of the line any time you try to phone a company. Before too long, you'll be seeing them in robots.

A collection of names assigned to trump

I would humbly add my own:

The merchant of menace



Agent Orange
Benedict Donald
Birther Boy
Bleach Boy
Bronze Benito
Carrot Calamity
Carrot Caligula
Carrot Catastrophe
Cheeto Benito
Cheeto Jesus
Cinnamon Hitler
Citrine Suharto
Citrini Mussolini
Combover Catastrophe
Cult 45
Darth Hater
Dayglo Dotard
Dayglo Dumbfuck
Deranged Donald
Donald McRonald
Donavsky Trumpchev
Donnie Darko
Dumb Corleone
Ecru Emperor
El Pompadour
Forrest Trump
Fuckface von Clownstick
Fulvous Fuhrer
Genghis Can't
Goldenrod Gerontocrat
GOP Grand Wizard
Hair Furor
Hair Trump
Hairpiece Hitler
Humpty Trumpty
Icterine Idiot
Ill-mannered Douche
Jaundiced Julius
Khaki Kleptocrat
Lemon Lech
Lemon Liar
Louis The 45th
Mango Mussolini
Mein Trumpf
Mr. Wiggy Piggy
Mussolini's Taint
Napoleon Without a Straightjacket
Nectarine Nero
Notorious B.I.C. (Birther In Chief)
Orange Julius Caesar
Orange Oligarch
Peach Plutocrat
POTUS Wrecks
Prima Donald
Puffed Up Daddy
Raging Bullshitter
Rusty Rightard
Sepia Screwup
Sideshow Don
Spraytan Septimius
Tangerine Tyrant
The Air Accordionist
The Angry Pumpkin
The Combover Kid
The Commander-in-Grief
The Commander-in-Tweet
The Corrupter 'N Thief
The Dick-Tater
The Elephant Man
The New York Pork Dork
The Orange Goblin
The Petulant Pumpkin
The Presumptuous Nominee
The Short Fingered Vulgarian
The Talking Yam
The Tangerine Tornado
The Tiny Handed Tyrant
The Tufted Taliban
The Wicked Warlock of the North
The White Kanye
Thurston Shitbag the Third
Toupeed Travesty
Trump The Insult Comic Dog
Trumpty Dumpty
Trumpy Cat
Urobilin Untermensch
Urobilin Usurper
Vanilla ISIS
Velveeta Voldemort
Wizard of Odd
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