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Profile Information

Name: Liam Donaldson
Gender: Male
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,961

Journal Archives

PC started to fail when loading pages. Page unresponsive messages

Restarting worked the first time but is there some known cause for this?

Another scam email BestBuy Invoice for Geek squad $413 ?

I have never paid for any such subscription.

Unbelievable crap.

There must be a way to eradicate these aholes

To my non-astonishment trump remains un-arrested this good day. lol

trump killed a million people with "it's a hoax" lie.

How is that not a major election issue?

I blame him for the vast majority of those deaths. Way more than a normal flu death rate.

The total number of death from Covid is probably well over a million now.

No wonder people sue over medical malpractice

19 years I've been in the USA

Every year I visit local hospital sometimes several times.

Almost every time they try to give me a tetanus injection.

I tell them I'm allergic.

They say they will fix my record.

Yet the same thing repeats over and over

It is incredible.

Do I have to sue them to make it stop?

Another appointment next week.

I'm beyond exasperation.

Amazing update: Just found out my brother was also allergic to tetinus over 40 years ago.

He just had a tetanus injection as they told him the new tetinus is produced differently.

They made him wait two hours after the injection as a precaution. He had no reactions.

This is in Australia.

Perhaps the same applies here?

Will email my Dr re this.

Another incentive to vote: remember all the kids they locked up in cages.

Vote with that in mind along with all the other atrocities.

Follow trump's projections re "safeguarding the Russian Hoax" papers.

He clearly knows he had compromising help

What did they have on him?

Meidastouch video exposes tfg trying to get Canon to judge his frivolous lawsuits

Everything that is wrong when a judge he appointed rules on his case.

Easy fix for this crap: no judge for his case that he appointed.

The details are very revealing.

And the Moron of the decade aside from tfg

Power outage here in Northern CA - 3 hours remaing

The 3 Tesla batteries ran hotter than usual yesterday due to the extreme heat - 111 degrees

The solar panels' output dropped about 20% due to heat.

So the batteries were not fully charged when we switched to self power between 4 and 9pm yesterday.

Running AC at 74 degrees.

So this morning we are at 29% battery power and was using .5 kW till I turned on the PC and it jumped to 4.5 kW briefly.

I guess that was the router getting started / connected (was in standby mode).

Now back to .5 kW again.

We have 3 batteries with around 40kWs storage

Generator as backup backup

Waiting for the sun to start storing energy.

Thankfully no fires locally.

So far.

Now back up to 9 hours outage remaining.

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