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Profile Information

Name: Liam Donaldson
Gender: Male
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,962

Journal Archives

How to stop a drumpf culter in his tracks.

They are primed to spout talking points such as "What did trump ever do to you personally"?

The best answer is to immediately turn their crap back on them with

What did Obama ever do to you personally?

Watch them founder trying to make up some excuse.

So many talking points, so little time.

Australia is experiencing serious climate change


Check out the map of average temperatures in this article.

Some text:

The Bureau of Meteorology (Bom) said individual December temperature records had been broken in a number of places - with temperatures in the southern city of Adelaide hitting 45.3C.

Nullarbor, also in southern Australia, reached the scorching temperature of 49.9C.

If drumph died they'd pretend his corpse was a viable POTUS

They will never stop defending the tainted traitor.

Scam call? "Your iCloud account has been breached....."

Wonder if this is just another scam?

Buying our own modem to use with Comcast - issues with throttling?

I suspect they do that if you use your own modem.

They even mention it when you ask about this. "We can't guarantee speeds" etc

Reading some reviews it does seem some people do have drop out etc thought that could be caused by other issues.

I'm changing from a "business" rip off deal to a normal residential internet "deal". After much discussion on the phone with them - and they drop the catch that I have to give them 60 days notice - read the fine print folks.

Even though when I signed up I was told that if I cancelled the charges would be pro rated.

Another long phone call is due perhaps? Is it worth the time? $268 per month after creeping up from the original $228 two years ago.

I am so tired of dealing with these rip off merchants but there is no real option where we are (outside city limits and dish internet sucks).

Maybe 5G might be an option.

Need a good video capture device to convert 8mm tapes to PC

So many cheap ones and the reviews are all over the place.

Most seems low cost.

Anyone know of a quality device? Prepared to pay more for that.

Anyone digging up some Barr - Epstein connection?

It just feels like Barr is right in Epstein's client demographic.

Re Stone: So many coffee boys are getting convicted. Who orders all this coffee?

He may become the first potus to be arrested in office.

WTF is this new type of popup ad?

You can't close it as there is no such option.

I have tried to find the source / cause with no luck. Sonicstate does not do these though it shows their name on the ad.

Perhaps it comes from Sweetwater as I had just looked at a Youtube ad for the new Waldorf Kyra synth. Their name appeared in a version of this ad. It changes product or content now and then.

I've sent them an email.

Perhaps it is a Youtube thing and I looked at their settings - no change so far.

Its a very persistent little shit of an ad.

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