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Profile Information

Name: Liam Donaldson
Gender: Male
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,961

Journal Archives

WH to insert future Comms Dir into revolving door office.

Boy Scouts to be renamed as Trump Jugend?

Keith Olbermann is on fire


Grassley has betrayed the country

Allowing Kushner and Manafort to merely provide docs (and maybe testify at some time in the future) and going after the Steele Dossier funding source.

Drumph is getting the toadies to fall in line with his corruption.

Looks like he will sack Sessions and appoint a lacky to fire Mueller.

We are now fully locked into a fascist state.

Time to form a Blue Guard.

Prediction for Kushner, Manafort etc testimony

Mass amnesia.

Just like Sessions. Who sat there smirking during questioning. He walked away unpunished.

They refuse to give up papers

Refuse to disclose info re the second meeting with Putin.

Its one huge joke.

My next bumper sticker

Dijon mustard on a burger is

Any criminal charges must be laid at State levels so drumph cannot simply pardon his mob

Am I right about this?

Does the GOP think they can outsmart the Russians?

Lets see:

The entire IC could not prevent the hacking and infiltration. So the election was stolen with their (GOP) agreement / silence. Yes, Mitch and Paul we know you knew.

Why do they imagine that the Russians will stop at letting them run the country unhindered. They probably know exactly how to control them.

I'd really like to know.

My guess is they have not thought that far ahead.

And they are all in debt to Russia which probably has masses of intel on these traitors.

They could turn off electricity, water or whatever, at will it seems. What about satellites? Etc etc.

They will turn the US into a weak and compliant client.

The GOP will never wake up.

So drumph can order pardons for everyone and that can be secret?

What kind of democracy is this?

Its just bizarre.

Another glaring flaw in this country.

Why bother having any investigations?

There seem to be a few "tells" in this video

Those who knew about the russian info about to be delivered - drumph, ivanka (she gives her smiles of approval being to stoopid to realize she's giving the game away).


Melania who does not smile, except ever so grimly and briefly, as she seems to be smarter than the drumphs. Not too hard I know.

Watch the video around 6.50 minutes as he brags about the big news he expects.

Anyone else sense these "tells"?

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