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Profile Information

Name: Liam Donaldson
Gender: Male
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,962

Journal Archives

Putin starts more trouble in the Ukraine - coincidence?


So let's lift (pretend its just easing) those sanctions?

twitler the useful idiot.

We are in the hands of a a nutjob greedy slob.

GOP failure - let's hope they don't think they can merely APPEASE twitler

twitler is a malignant narcissist

and his appointments are scum

We are still getting played by twitler

Constant generation of EOs and other garbage while the GOP rubber stamps his sell off of America with silence.

Lesson from the Berlin Wall

That wall did not fall because of rayguns petty words.

It fell because people took physical action.

Now its time for CA, NY and other sane states to tell twitler and the GOP to go fuck themselves.

Time we formed the Jedi "Religion"

Or Force for want of a better term.

Establish this to get tax breaks like the 3000 other cults in the USA. Including Cathlic, Mormon, Jewish or whatever.

Once we start getting a fair share the power of these other parasites will diminish.

Founded on a belief in a universal force for good in the cosmos.

No magic, miracles or fancy garb.

Enough of drumph already

He's a lunatic liar.

Its time for some adults to remove the orange shitbag from office.

We are in a fascist land now.

drumph starts a trade war?


I don't know how stoopid he really is. Apparently more than I can imagine.

Will the GOP let him impose tarfiffs on Mexico etc?

Despite actual facts re existing taxes that drumph simply ignores?

Does drumph have control over mortgage interest tax deductions?

I read he cancelled that deduction.

America's terrible error about to be inflicted on all of us

The misinformer elected by the misinformed.

I fear for 2018 never mind 2020.

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