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Profile Information

Name: Liam Donaldson
Gender: Male
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,961

Journal Archives

Plus ca change plus la meme

So little pains do the vulgar take in the investigation of truth, accepting readily the first story that comes to hand.


The upcoming nazi attacks

I can see that they will chop away at all sorts of rights soon.

These nutjobs want a fascist dictatorshio.

There may be only one remaining tactic to defeat them and that requires planning now.

I'm talking about a nationwide general strike. Not just of unions but as many people as possible.

Possibly prolonged.

We need the DP leaders to start preparations right now.

America does not have a great history of union strength and that's why we have to mobilize everyone.

Think I'm being too worried?

They have shown us their sharpened wedges already.

Chip away here and there at various rights and groups until its too late to stop them.

If we wait to see it may be too late.

A good article discussing the role of religion


The insanity of states running elections

Here's just one example.

My son in law witnessed a professor from PA visiting Iowa on Nov 8.

He had to fly back to PA in order to vote in person.

There ought to be a Federal law governing all states re voting early, postal, registration etc

And have voting machines that can be audited in every state.

America this is insanity.

And now there is no chance of any real reform happening.

Here's what they voted to change?

Or is it?


A big part of the problem

Tax claimed as religious deductions = $71,000,000,000 Seventy one billion.


What will the deplorables think when no jobs return from overseas?

And nothing else drumph promised them happens except negatives like Social Security being privatized and Medicare reduce to rubble?

And probably some nasty war somewhere.

And National Parks destroyed with cattle, oil drilling and developments.

And food tainted with fuck knows what shit.

But I have to thank them.

The prospect of unfettered capitalist greed though deregulation has already added a great deal to my own family wealth.

The amount would probably stagger the average deplorable. 10% up in less than two weeks. About $300k from doing nothing much.

So well done idiots.

OK, how many warning signs do we need before some serious action?

Its too late after Jan to stop this fool.

Any sane GOP people need to get going with the DP to have this guy drumph stopped in his tracks.

There is no need to wait for him to start ripping the country to shreds.

Businesses doing trade with trumps


Plea from the rest of the world

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