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Name: Liam Donaldson
Gender: Male
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,962

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another babbling idiot parrots nonsense about drumph.


Actor Jon Voight: Trump can make the impossible happen

By Judy Kurtz - 09/16/16 09:55 AM EDT
Jon Voight says he’s supporting Donald Trump because the GOP presidential nominee can make the impossible happen.

“I like him for a whole lot of reasons,” the Oscar-winning actor said in a Friday “Fox & Friends” appearance, “but the main reason is we’ve got a lot to fix, a lot to do. And [Trump’s] used to handling even impossible tasks.”

“He enjoys rolling up his sleeves and getting it done. He knows how to put people to work. He chooses the right people to listen to. He’s been very successful because of that, and he’s doing the same thing now,” Voight added.
While a long list of celebrities — including Hollywood heavyweights Robert de Niro, George Clooney, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lawrence — have spoken out against the White House hopeful, the “Ray Donovan” and "Bratz" star is hopping aboard a bus tour hosted by the Great America PAC to campaign for Trump.

“There’s a lot of people in Hollywood who are on the conservative side,” Voight told Fox News, “they’re not outspoken.”

Voight, 77, praised Trump, saying, “I don’t remember a campaign that a fellow has designated — said, ‘Here’s the problem, here’s the problem,’ and, ‘Here’s what I’m going to do to solve that problem.’ [He’s] laid it out for the American people to see it.”

Trump: Putin's useful and useless idiot.

There are two types of idiots for Putin. Useful and useless.

Trumps uniquely occupies both categories.

Michelle Obama speaking forcefully

Source: MSNBC

She's not using a teleprompter either. Or little cards with notes.

Great energy too.

Great speech. Inspirational.

Read more: Link to source

Trump on MSNBC live

Talking and looking like a gibbering idiot.

Can't even read from his cards properly.

Misreading and lying.

Said Flint's population had declined to 8000 dollars.

"I spent a great deal of time in Flint"

Reading and sounding very low energy. Perhaps his meds have not kicked in or he missed his injection today? Hidden from his "medical report".

But why is he being given more air time? Its ludicrous.

Colin Powel's choice

I know he is going to secretly vote for HRC because he knows that's essential to stop Trump but he ought to have to courage to make that public.

Imagine if Trump wins by a handful of votes that you could have persuaded to vote for HRC?

Too late to be brave then Colin.

Speak up first.

3rd party voters? Are they really this stoopid?

MSNBC / Kornaky trying his best to undermine HRC by showing support for Johnson and Stein among young voters.

Make the election look even to keep up ratings.

Kudlow touts his new book on With All Due Respect

Source: Comcast TV

Its laughable that this right wing apologist is even on the air yet there he is.

I won't listen to his drivel but I'm sure its his usual revisionist spin on actual history.

He's a pompous fool.

Read more: Link to source

Trumps Secret Plan revealed

He's going to put ISIS on Double Secret Probation.

MSNBC entertains Kellyanne Con Away

Matthews sets her up for her usual Hilary bashing spiel. Talks non stop to get her BS onto air unchallenged.

Postal vote

We need to encourage people who do not normally vote to try postal voting.

The USA holds elections on a workday and that makes it hard for many people to get out to vote. Insanity.

Not to mention the attempted suppression, ridiculous lack of time, long lines, long waits, inclement weather etc

Get your postal vote arranged ahead of time. There may be time limits as to when you can opt to receive a voting letter by post.

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