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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 07:24 PM
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"The biggest stairs, the most beautiful stairs, and MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THEM!

As Democrats lurch toward being the "Party Of No Second Chances" isn't it ironic that:

1. One of our main goals is restoring Voting Rights to those who lost them through criminal convictions? BIG TIME second chance.

2.And that quite possibly a BIG percentage of our Presidential candidates will be exposed for SOMETHING in the past, and forced to drop out of the race, leaving who? Choirboys and Campfire Girls who have lived in a bubble since they were 12?

I'm not bashing anyone, I'm a lifelong Democrat for almost 50 years of voting, and I remember MANY great Democrats who did great things, but probably were not Angels. I just think we need to be ultra cautious in who gets tossed out, YES, I am a Franken fan, and still upset!

So, let me get this straight: All you have to do to not show up and testify to House commitees is

just say "I'M SCARED" and you're off Scott-free, unless the House Committee can somehow "guarantee" the safety of you and your family.

Which is obviously totally impossible.

I'm certain Matthew Whitaker will be "scared".

I'm certain IRS agents will be too "scared" to release tRump's taxes.

I'm certain EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN they call to testify will simply tell them the same thing ad nauseum.

What do the House commitees do, send out US Marshals to haul them in? I'm certain any testimony in that scenario would be seen as tainted and coerced, by any court of law.

A crack team of White House experts has chosen the perfect location for the State Of The Union

[url=https://postimages.org/][img][/img][/url][url=https://postimages.org/]image hosting cdn[/url]

COVFEFE CATHOLIC. Why don't they fix their name?

Trump graduation speech on "11th Hour" telling grads to "get over,under, or around any wall"

Did anybody see that clip? I've been searching for a while tonight and can't find it, I believe it was in 2004, tRump was wearing a green robe, and the irony was just too delicious, I really want to see it again...any ideas how to find it?

Folks, it's not Adderall that tRump has a problem with...it's THIS:


A joint production with my buddy Richie S. in Massachusetts

Question about possible Manafort pardon?

Anybody have a definitive answer on this?:
One of the big deals the press and people on DU have made about Manafort is the fact that the Feds took everything he owns apparently, his house(s), his bank accounts, his possessions, etc.

And now lots of people are making a big deal about Manafort getting indicted for various crimes by different States, even if he gets pardoned by Trump, so he's not off the hook.

My question is, if Manafort gets a Presidential pardon, does that then restore to him everything that the Feds took away? If so, it might be a factor in his non-cooperation, even if he has to do time in a state penitentiary, at least his family would have a roof over their heads(in a gated community no doubt) and lots of luxurious cars to drive to see him on visitation days, plus money in the bank for the long term.

Anyone know if this is how it would work?

How much sheer f*ckery can Republicans get away with in the House before January?

I suspect they are going to do everything they can to hobble and stymie the incoming Democratic majority.
But I'm no expert, so does anybody know how many House rules they can change, other things they can do that would be like setting out a minefield for us?

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