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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 08:24 PM
Number of posts: 1,387

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Whistleblower: Can't help feeling deja vu, like I'm watching Geraldo opening Al Capone's vault...

Oh well, there will be MORE SCANDALS next week that will DEFINITELY bring down tRump!

The Right Wing has already determined the shooter at the Odessa slaughter: A Jewish Democrat.

I just did a search on Facebook and found this.



Easiest and most effective "RED FLAG" law. Each state makes a list of all registered

All registered Republicans are rounded up and immediately sent off for a 30 day psychological evaluation.
I estimate 90% of them will, oh so sadly, have to be held for a year of rehabilitation, to get back into the range of normal civility.
When they return to society, they will wear red armbands marked with embroidered white letters D.U.M.B (Didn't Understand Moral Basics) for another year, so that citizens can recognize them and be alert and vigilant as to their activities, always ready to report them for any malfeasance at all, such as trying to swim in community pools, their kids opening lemonade stands, or if they are spotted within 100 yards of a voting booth.

Looking forward to a better America!

May I recommend using the name "MITCHNIK" when referring to Komrade McConnell? Just to add a little

extra dig at the Red Menace from Kremlintucky.

BREAKING NEWS: Text from Putin to McConnell intercepted...

*Mitchnik: Old Russian saying goes "PATIO FIRST, 16th story hotel window NEXT". Warmest regards, VP.*

Oh Beautiful For RAT-A-TAT-TAT, For Amber Waves of KA-CHING KA-CHOW. For Purple BAM BOOM BAM BAM BAM

Above The Fruited BANG-BANG-BANG

This is why I cringe when folks say "WE JUST GOTTA GET OUT THE VOTE!" tRump only needs to get out

just enough deplorables in just a very few states to win again.

Today a Tyrant is celebrating the epic fight against Tyranny...is that "TYRONY"?

Mueller was supposed to be a "GENIUS" building in all kinds of fail-safe options into his report...

..so that it was GUARANTEED to be untouchable by the tRump criminal cabal, and quickly become public.
And yet, here we sit, twiddling our collective thumbs and getting ulcers while Butterball Barr either outwits him at every turn, OR...Mueller knew exactly what he was doing, and remains a card-carrying rock-ribbed Republican con man.
Remember how excited everyone got every time there was a post about the unbelievably TIGHT LID Mueller had clamped down on his investigation??
Don't you wish SOMEBODY had done the right thing and been a leaker?

Barrel Belly Barr can easily keep this thing hidden til after 2020 elections, stall and obfuscate forever, then throw it into the courts, with endless time wasting objections, memorandums, re-scheduling, then appeal to a higher court if needed....


(hope you don't mind my nicknames for Barr, I'm going to start making up names for all of tRump's minions just like he does...starting with "The Orange Anal Wart" for tRump himself)
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