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Member since: Tue Aug 16, 2016, 03:08 PM
Number of posts: 1,427

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How long before we get "TRUMP, the musical" ?

1. Fringe Festival 1 yr
2. Off-Broadway 3 yrs
3. Broadway 7 years (after impeachment)?
4. Porn version 1 yr (but who plays the "little" man?
5. Oliver Stone feature - 8 yrs
6. Disney animated - TRUMP vs DUMBO - "fight to the death" 10 yrs

Posted by bagelsforbreakfast | Tue Aug 1, 2017, 11:38 PM (5 replies)

We should be grateful we have at least 3 American senators on the other side...

Sure I remember the quotes about Collins always being there when she's not needed.

And McCain's duplcity...

but Lisa Murk stepped up

As did Collins and McCain.

And to my mind they are AMERICANS.

The others - not so much.

Sell-outs to Koch and the rest.

But we still have a democracy. For how long, no one knows. Trump is a despot and is amassing a dictorship. But there still remains a core of Americans. For that we should be thankfull.
Posted by bagelsforbreakfast | Fri Jul 28, 2017, 03:10 AM (4 replies)

For my money I'm giving Collins and Murkowski a pass next election...

And McCain too. (though I think he's a filberty-gibert from the Keating 5)

Posted by bagelsforbreakfast | Fri Jul 28, 2017, 02:50 AM (12 replies)

I'm totally with the vote tonight - yay! but...

In my job had someone making $45k with a $21K health care bill. We need to have single payer - i get that - but if not we need reworking...!!!
Posted by bagelsforbreakfast | Fri Jul 28, 2017, 02:42 AM (1 replies)

Wow - didn't expect this@! The Turtle is wounded! :)

Haven't read the details but thank got someone on the Republican side stepped up to down this piece of sh*t@!

If it's Collins, Murkowski and ??? maybe we should back them in their next go-round.

Someone saved this. I was not looking forward to dealing with the consequences of telling people their health care was F*cked - now I don't have to (I hope). Thanks for those who called and those who voted against their rapacious party.

Posted by bagelsforbreakfast | Fri Jul 28, 2017, 02:13 AM (16 replies)

Question for the historians here...

Okay, nothing to do with present polititcs - but got to thinking of Trump and the Boy Scouts today
and visions of Hitler youth arose...

then visions of how McConnell favors Himmler

and then went to Kushner...

(amid visions of Mordor)

and I wondered...
If Kushner is Trump's ultimate "I'm not prejudiced" merit badge...

Did Hitler have a Jewish factotum who gushed praises for him during WW2? Either here in the USA or in Europe?

Don't remember one, save for some forced ex-UFA actors in the concentration camps. But can't remember if he had a house-Kushner propaganda mouthpiece? (not that Kushner's that voluble)
Posted by bagelsforbreakfast | Mon Jul 24, 2017, 10:44 PM (7 replies)

Could Trump become the new GOLDFINGER if he wanted to?

With all this talk of pre-indictment pardons, could Trump theoretically rob Ft. Knox (or wherever the most gold is kept now) and then pardon himself and any of his team that got caught/involved with it? (I assume it's a Federal crime, not a state crime).

Who would stop him?

And do we know he hasn't done it already?
Posted by bagelsforbreakfast | Sat Jul 22, 2017, 04:09 PM (5 replies)

Grassley denies he'd *****ang anything McConnell points toward him...

But Cruz’s amendment has drawn concern from critics who worry it would destabilize the risk pool that brings together healthy and sick individuals and could mean higher coverage costs for less healthy people.

“There’s a real feeling that that’s subterfuge to get around preexisting conditions,” said Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), according to Iowa Public Radio. “If it is subterfuge and it has the effect of annihilating the preexisting condition requirement that we have in the existing bill, than obviously I would object to that.”
Posted by bagelsforbreakfast | Fri Jul 7, 2017, 11:04 PM (11 replies)

Couldn't find this posted - thought it was pretty cool...


'You are welcome here': 15,000 immigrants sworn in as U.S. citizens during Fourth of July holiday

Think something like this could be an annual TV special (especially in Trumptimes).

Throw in some Rock acts and get big donations against the Republicans and their hatred screeds.
Posted by bagelsforbreakfast | Wed Jul 5, 2017, 10:15 PM (2 replies)

to lighten things today - Trump's hairstyle - has anyone met...

anyone with a similar bird's nest swirl? If so, were they aping the Donster?
Posted by bagelsforbreakfast | Sat Jul 1, 2017, 04:23 PM (16 replies)
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