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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
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Not One Conservative Has Been Banned From Twitter Because Of Their Political Beliefs

These Conservatives aren’t victims of a conspiracy but are perpetrators of egregious behavior that goes against all societal norms.


Why Did Keller Give Key To The City To Islamophobic Congresswoman?

The City of Keller wants us to believe they are a family-friendly city. So, why did Mayor Armin Mizani give insurrectionist-supporter and Texas' most well-known Islamophobic, Beth Van Duyne a key to their city?


Redistricting a second time in decade?

Ok, let's talk about a hypothetical here. I'll preface it with this: In 2001 the Texas legislature was unable to agree on redistricting maps. So, maps were drawn by a redistricting board. Then when the lege came back in 2003, they attempted to redistrict again. From that, we got the Killer D's and Dems hightailed it to Oklahoma. Unfortunately, it only delayed the inevitable. The districts were redrawn again. Texas was sued. In the Supreme Court Case, League of United Latin American Citizens v. Perry, it was determined that states are free to redistrict as often as desired.

So hypothetically, Dems take Texas back in 2022 or 2024, could they/would they redistrict again, drawing fair maps?

The 1933 Brutal And Gruesome Act In Kountze, Texas

*Trigger Warning* Death, Violence, Racial Terror

On Sunday, December 2, 1933, Mellie William Brockman, a white woman, left her Hardin County Home around noon to drive to Kountze and exchange a pair of baby shoes. Later that day, her body was found shot to death and burned almost beyond recognition.


Why Does Dallas Have A Street Named After A Human Trafficker And Slaveowner?

W.C.C. Akard enslaved children. During the Civil War, he fled to Texas to avoid emancipation. Dallas named a street after him.


Abbott Intentionally Causing Supply Shortages And Inflation For Politics Stunt

As Greg Abbott wrecks the Texas economy and plays with the lives of our National Guards, Texas taxpayers shell out $500,000 a month so that Abbott can win over racist and uninformed voters.


Greg Abbott: The Evolution Of A Monster (A Series)

Part One of the history of Governor Greg Abbott's rule over Texas.


Is Chair Hinojosa Starting Rumors About His Opponent?

Democracy is on fire. We’re at risk of losing it all. Is our party and party leadership doing enough to save us?


The One-Term House Rep Who Had Himself Shot And Blamed Satanists

In 1981, East Texas fundamentalist Mike W. Martin (R) had his cousin shoot him and then told everyone it was a satanic cult.

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