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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,104

Journal Archives

022 Elections Bell County: It's Time To Vote Brad Buckley Out Of Office

Representative Brad Buckley has spent the last two legislative sessions working against the people of his district. It's time for him to go! Vote for Jonathan Hildner.


What Will Your Future Look Like If The GOP Win In Texas?

While I donít mean to scare you, you should be scared.


Is Mike Schofield scared to debate his opponent, Coach Cam?

In 2020, Representative Mike Schofield only won the election for HD132 by 0.1 points. Republicans hoped to hold on to this seat by redrawing this district to be more white. However, with the 5-10 point boost all down-ballot candidates will be getting because of the Roe vote and the Beto effect, this seat will likely flip to Democrats in November.


TEXAS: The Easiest Thing EVERYONE Can Do To Help Flip Texas Blue

Itís simple, quick, and will have a HUGE impact in November. Make sure to share.


The GOP Expects To Hold State House, But Forget The 2018 Beto-effect

Vote like thereís an autocratic force looking to strip you away from every right you have.

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