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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,140

Journal Archives

Analysis & Endorsements: Will Dems Flip The Texas House In 2022? (Part 3 - San Antonio and South TX)

We're back with Part 3 of our analysis of the Texas House races for 2022 - San Antonio and South Texas.

New endorsements include Frank Ramirez and Diego M. Bernal.


Greg Abbott's White Supremacist Propaganda Tour Around Texas

Greg Abbott's white supremacist propaganda campaign tour is what Republican anti-intellectuals like to call “anti-CRT,” but these mantras of white supremacy have been repeated throughout American history.


Tannya Benavides, Susan Hays, and Steve Duble on Blue Talk Texas

Tannya Benavides - Candidate for Congressional District 28
Susan Hays - Candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner
Steve Duble - Candidate for Harris County Justice of the Peace


Matt Schaefer Voted To Take Away Voting Rights; Walked In MLK Parade Yesterday

While several hypocrites in the GOP posted celebrations of MLK's legacy on social media, yesterday; Rep. Matt Schaefer shamelessly took it one step further


Abbott Pledges To Destroy 411,000 Tarrant County Residents; Spouts Racist Rhetoric

Greg Abbott’s campaign rhetoric at the FT Worth TX ZOO yesterday was violent and racist.


Blue Talk Texas - Chase West, Jinny Suh, and Delia Parker-Mims


CyFair School Board Ran On Anti-CRT; Now Speaking Against Hiring Black Teachers

New CyFair School Board Member, Scott Henry, ran on an "anti-CRT" platform, now is spewing white supremacist propaganda from the dais, and targeting Black teachers.


An Attack On Teachers, Overt Racism, Few Push Back On GOP Influencers' Bad Week

While a few GOP House members publicly denounced the attack on teachers, and overt AAPI racism, most have remained silent.


Blue Talk Texas- Now live on Twitter.

The Facebook video crashed. Live on Twitter now, here's the link.


The Last Time America Forgave Traitors

After the Civil War, we allowed traitors to America to return to the South and once again hold positions of power.

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