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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,104

Journal Archives

Abbott is Spewing Racism and Moving Even Further to the Extreme Right to Pander to Trump's Base

Disgraced Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues to stoke hatred, fuel violence, and put Texans in danger by prioritizing Trumpís failed campaign promise.


Extremists Targeting North TX School Boards With Racism & Anti-Vaxxing

There is a VERY real and well-funded white supremacist effort happening in Texas schools to end racial equality.


GOP Use States' Rights Argument As Reason To Undermine Democracy

Democracy is in trouble and the GOP is blaming State's Rights. If you're from the South, you know exactly what they mean when they say "States' Rights."


What Are Public Schools In Texas Teaching Your Children?

Christopher Columbus discovered America, the Civil War was about statesí rights, and colonization was good. History in Texas has already been whitewashed and itís about to get worse.


Texas Democrats Are Heroes

If you werenít already proud of Texas Democrats for blocking the Jim Crow voter suppression bills in the 11th hour of the 87th Legislature, this week, Texas Democrats flew to Washington DC and got Joe Manchin to see the light.


The Handmaid's Tale of Texas

When religion controls policy. - an OP-ED by Delia Parker-Mims


Armed Domestic Terrorists In Brenham Show Up To Beto's Democracy Drive

Yesterday, in Brenham, angry white men with AR15s showed up to try to scare and intimidate people attending Beto OíRourkeís voter registration drive.


Once Again, Ronny Jackson Spreading Vicious Lies About Democrats

Ronny Jackson advocated the overthrow of the government, incited violence from the far right, and voted to overturn a lawful election. He had no consequences, so his behavior continues. (Contact info in the article)


We Have To Stop History From Repeating Itself And End Texas' Culture Of White Supremacy

Despite what Republicans think, Texas is our state, too. We have to stop Republicans from erasing history and pushing white supremacy in education.


True Texas Project And Militias Behind Anti-Democracy Protest in Denton

On Monday, Beto O'Rourke held a voter registration drive in Denton. A group of angry white people showed up to protest people registering to vote. One man even stormed the stage, shouting how Beto was a traitor for registering people to vote.

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