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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
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John Cornyn's 1999 Advice Article Warns Parents of Rave Parties

We found another 1999 advice column from John Cornyn. It's another gem. When he loses his office to MJ Hegar, I for one, think he should become an advice columnist. He obviously has a passion for it.


The Bias of Non-Bias Media

The Revolution isnít being televised because unless someone breaks a window or sets a trashcan on fire, civil rights and Black liberation isnít interesting enough for local news to cover. That is the bias of non-bias media.


SFA campus police storm Black student's dorm with guns drawn after Houston family says white student

The attorney for the family of a Black freshman student at Stephen F. Austin State University says she was the victim of a racist set-up, orchestrated by her white roommates, that led to police storming her dorm room in the middle of the night with guns drawn.


Abbott Proposes Making Donations To Civil Rights Organizations A Felony

Greg Abbott proposed legislation which would make it a felony to donate to a civil rights organization, if that group took to the streets.


How Hate Has Bubbled To The Surface In This Small Texas Town

In the days following the Neo-Nazi hate rally in 2017 Charlottesville. Torrey Henderson strolled around town with a notepad and a pen, in search of Confederate symbology.


An Open Letter and Call to Action to White North Texans

Now is the time for white identifying Americans, those in North Texas in particular to transition their understanding of the existence of racial inequality into an understanding for the imperative need for anti-racist activism.


Cooke County Attempting to Rob Protesters of First Amendment Rights

Cooke County attempting to rob protesters of first amendment rights. This blatant attempt is an obscene violation of the constitution.


Gainesville PD Is Politically Retaliating Against Peaceful Protesters

Gainesville PD is politically retaliating against peaceful protesters. As they run their department with double standards, frequently side with armed militia, and now have put out arrest warrants for protest organizers.


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