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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,140

Journal Archives

Is Everyone Asleep at the Wheel?

Despite rhetoric on protecting democracy, Texas organizations fail to mobilize against redistricting efforts.


Senate Gerrymandering Hearings Begin Tomorrow

Republicans are again planning on using racial gerrymandering to give themselves the upper edge in the 2024 election. All testimony will be virtual. Sign up now to make sure your voice is heard.


The Lone Star State of Inequality: Unpacking Greg Abbott's Misleading Job Claims

Uncovering the truth behind Texasí high poverty and uninsured rates, low wages, and lack of worker protections.


Racist Rocks: The Renewed Effort To Preserve Jim Crow Era Statues

David Spillerís bill protecting racist monuments is a direct attack on marginalized communities.


Today, Texas Celebrates White Supremacy Heroes Day

It's long past time to abolish Confederate Heroes Day.


Briscoe Cain Proposes Open Carry For Felons And Undocumented Immigrants

Representative Cain wants to grant the right to open carry to all individuals, including non-citizens, in public spaces.


New Texas House Rules Set The Tone For A Combative Session

Republicans pass a house rule to hobble Democrats from blocking extremist legislation.


We're only on day 2 of the txlege and the GOP has already reached peak absurdity


Dade Phelan Re-Elected House Speaker And Congress In Chaos

A huge rules fight is expected today in the Texas House as Republicans in DC completely melt down.


GOP Plans To Gerrymander Districts AGAIN This Session

Get ready. Senator Huffman has already filed multiple bills.

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