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A Feast of Political Absurdity: Texas Republicans Take the Stage

The Republican Civil War heats up as Dade Phelan and Dan Patrick battle for the title of "Top Dog."


Yesterday marked the grand kickoff of the 88th (1) special session, and it was quite the spectacle. Imagine Lt. Governor Dan Patrick strutting onto the stage of a Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) forum, accompanied by Sherry Sylvester, Abbott’s chosen champion of the “whitewash brush” technique for the 1836 Project. Sylvester, notorious for her disdain towards diversity, must have been thrilled. But the real show began when Dan Patrick unleashed his wrath upon poor Dade Phelan, tearing him apart like a piñata at a hyperactive kid’s birthday party.

Oh boy, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick had a moment to vent, and it was quite the spectacle. He kicked off his complaints by proclaiming, “I’m just so tired of all this dysfunction in the House! Those pesky ‘points of order’ that crush our beloved ‘good’ legislation.” He continued his tirade, grumbling about the House’s snail-like pace and their knack for killing bills. It’s like he was the conductor of the whine train, choo-chooing away.

But here’s the funny part: Patrick seems to have forgotten the delightful concept called the legislative process. You know, that thing that prevents the one-party rule from turning Texas into an authoritarian circus?

Ah, sweet irony. So, let’s raise a toast to checks and balances and hope Dan Patrick finds a way to appreciate the wonders of democracy and a well-functioning legislature—cheers to legislative chaos, or as some may call it, democracy in action.

King Abbott Calls A Special Session

Greg Abbott's motto: If I don't get my way, I'll force the legislators to work until I do.


Just as we were all ready to breathe a sigh of relief that the legislature had concluded this year. The King of Texas, Greg Abbott, said, “Not so fast.” Last night he called a special session for 30 days, effective immediately. Both chambers will gavel in today and begin their work on more oppressive legislation to hurt hard-working Texans.

Slaton, Paxton, And The Republican Civil War

Money, Power, and Ideology: Understanding the Texas GOP's clash of factions.


Over the last several days, as the political heads and national news discuss Paxton’s impeachment, there are questions (mostly from Democrats) that keep popping up.

Why now?

Did Republicans suddenly get a conscience?

Did the GOP now find out about Paxton’s crimes?

None of that. It’s all about the Republican Civil War currently happening in Texas.

A Breakdown Of Ken Paxton's Alleged Crimes

Misconduct, misuse of office, bribery, and unethical conduct were all terms used during the House Investigation Committee meeting.


This week, it’s possible articles of impeachment will be filed against Attorney General Ken Paxton. Whether the House will vote to impeach and the Senate votes to convict remains to be seen. However, after yesterday’s House General Investigating Committee’s (GIC) public hearing, we should expect to see the articles filed as soon as today. So let’s get into it.

The GIC has been investigating Paxton over the last two months and the settlement of $3.3 million related to a lawsuit involving General Paxton and terminated employees. The settlement was made before approval from the Texas legislature and obligated taxpayers to pay the amount; however, it has not been paid out yet.

When the allegations occurred, the House Committee inquired into the settlement, focusing on the evidence and policies of the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) in 2020. The investigation was carried out by six highly experienced lawyers and investigators with backgrounds in criminal law and public integrity, Erin Epley, Therese Boose, Mark Donnelly, Donna Cameron, Dan McAnulty, and Brian Benken.

The investigation was opened after Paxton asked the legislature to pay his $3.3 million settlement on his whistle-blower case.

Do Republicans In The Texas House Have A Drinking Problem?

Several caught-on-video moments seeming show multiple Republicans completely hammered.


During the last session, Republican Dan Huberty was arrested for a DWI after a car accident. Early in this session, Republican Charles Schwertner was arrested for drunk driving. Republicans have been arrested during the last few legislative sessions for driving under the influence.

The legislature only meets for 140 days every two years. During that time, they often work long and stressful days. So no one would blame them for throwing back a few cold ones after a 15-hour day in the Capitol. However, driving under the influence should never be okay. Moreso, legislating while inebriated should, at the very least, be frowned upon.

Over the last month, as I’ve been watching our elected officials, I’ve noticed interesting behavior.

Beyond Political Games: Understanding the Profound Impact of the Assault on DEI in Texas

Texas House Republicans' attack on DEI unveils a racist agenda threatening decades of progress.


Demographics, Democracy, and Determination: The Texas Equation

The potential for political change is in our hands. All it will take is the unleashing of the power of the people.


Yesterday a friend told me about Texas’s political situation, “It feels so hopeless.” The legislature only meets once every two years, and with less than two weeks left of this session, we’re currently being hit with a barrage of bad legislation aimed at hurting the most vulnerable among us. It can be disheartening to witness the rapid enactment of harmful measures in moments like these, leaving a sense of frustration and powerlessness in their wake.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I promise it’s not a train. One of my favorite quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. is, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

These trying times may make it seem like progress is stagnant or regressive, but history has shown that change is constant and inevitable. The resilience and determination of those fighting for justice throughout the ages have consistently propelled us forward. It is important to remember that setbacks and obstacles often catalyze renewed activism and unity. While the current wave of harmful legislation may cause frustration and concern, it also mobilizes communities to organize, resist, and strive for a better future.

The Seething Hate Republicans Legislate By

Republicans' latest attack on democracy will render cities powerless.


Earlier this week, the Kansas Reflector reported that the Kansas GOP was planning on making Kansas so hostile to anyone who disagrees with them, isn’t a Christian, and isn’t white that they flee the state. And if they don’t flee, the Kansas GOP will take up arms and kill them. The Kansas GOP plans to turn their state into a “Conservative sanctuary.”

If you’ve been paying attention to Republicans in the last few years, this rhetoric probably comes as no surprise. While Texas Republicans haven’t started hurling death threats at half the state yet, they’ve been less than secretive about their hatred toward us.

Yesterday, the Senate passed the so-called “Death Star Bill,” prohibiting cities from setting ordinances concerning worker’s rest breaks, fair chance hiring, paid sick leave, eviction protections, and tenants’ rights to organize.

During the debate, Senator Sarah Eckhardt asked Brandon Creighton why the Republicans were stripping local control away from cities. He responded, “Because they (cities) are progressing, and our state government is Conservative.”

Republican's Complicity In Transgender Genocide

The progression of anti-transgender legislation and its resemblance to the stages of genocide is an urgent call to awareness and action.


According to the U.N., genocide means any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, as such:

1 - Killing members of the group;

2 - Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

3 - Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

4 - Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

5 - Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Last November, the Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention voiced its concern over the growing number of laws that target transgender individuals and the transgender community. In a statement, they said they believe that the so-called “gender critical movement” behind these laws is a fascist movement furthering a specifically genocidal ideology that seeks the complete eradication of trans identity from the world.

Texas Republicans’ strategy is clear, instead of an all-out ban on transgender individuals, they are targeting transgender healthcare making medical transitioning impossible in the State of Texas. This is the same approach they used leading up to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, targeting the healthcare instead of the person.

The Inherent Dishonesty of Texas Republicans

GOP members of the Texas House use grandstanding and hypocrisy to undermine democracy.


On Wednesday night, Public Education Committee Chairman Brad Buckley asked the House for permission to meet while in session. Motions like that get passed all the time, dozens per day, but what usually doesn’t happen is the House voting against allowing a committee to meet. But it happened when Buckley tried to sneak a school voucher bill onto the House floor.

Republican Representative Ernest Bailes approached the back mic and questioned Buckley, also a Republican, about his intent for the meeting. The proposed bill was 80 pages long and intended to bypass the usual hearing process without transparency, lack of public input, and the fact that similar bills have not received a vote in the committee.

Bailes opposed the motion and emphasized the importance of allowing bills to be heard in committee and allowing the public to provide input. The House voted, and the permission was not granted.

Sneaky Snake Brad Buckley wasn’t done.
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