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GoDawgs's Journal
GoDawgs's Journal
August 27, 2016

Wild Asian Water Buffalo herd discovered in east Georgia

This week's Georgia Farm Monitor had a weird story- game cameras on a trail and at a pond in Wilkes county caught images of a herd of Asian Water Buffalo. DNR biologists confirmed sighting and an agent is investigating.
The episode isn't on the web yet, but I did find a reference on an outdoor enthusiasts site.

”These animals, however, appear to be wild and are hiding out amongst the bamboo cane thickets of a Georgia swamp,”...Brad talked to someone last year who even mentioned water buffalo in their swamp. “We should’ve believed him, but now we got photo evidence”

Link to internet article has more pictures:

August 16, 2016

Dems shift to help Down-Ballot Dems & LGBT, Arizona, Georgia

Trump May Be Boon for Down-Ballot Dems, LGBT Rights in Arizona, Georgia


The Clinton campaign announced this week it no longer considers states like Virginia to be battlegrounds in the presidential election. The latest polls show Trump trailing enough that her campaign is diverting staff to Arizona and Georgia, typically considered to be safely red states
And Clinton's strategic maneuver could also be a boon for Democrats in down-ballot races in these states. While most voters tend to be focused on the presidential election, races further down the ballot are not inconsequential -- especially when it comes to LGBT rights.
"We see so much bad legislation passed in states and signed by anti-LGBT governors," she said, mentioning North Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana among those states. "The people who are passing those laws are state reps and state senators."

Also has statements from Daniel Hernandez of AZ and Park Cannon of GA


August 14, 2016

10 posts means I need to post

I'm supposed to test post when I make 10 posts. I've lurked DU since 2007 or so. Recently made account.


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