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Farmgirl1961's Journal
Farmgirl1961's Journal
January 30, 2017

From a friend on FB about making a call today for the ACA

Here's an easy phone call you can make today and you don't even have to talk to anybody. Paul Ryan's office is conducting a phone poll hoping to hear overwhelming opposition to the Affordable Care Act (ACA); here's how you can participate. Call 202-225-3500. Call now and PROVE him wrong.
At the first menu, press #2 and a staffer will educate you on why you shouldn't want the ACA. Press #1 when prompted to support continuing the ACA coverage. The House votes on this today, so please call now.
I was even able to leave a voicemail message in speaker Ryan's mailbox. Please take three minutes to make this call, then copy and paste this to pass it along.
If you don't get through at first, call again, I was able to get through on the first call.
January 30, 2017

Share this far & wide:Protesters will march to Donald Trumps Mar-a-Lago during his Florida vacation

Via the Palmer Report:

In the eleven days since Donald Trump has been in office, the protests against him — both preplanned and spontaneous — have been massive and sustained. The Women’s March overtook entire cities. This weekend’s protests against Trump’s Muslim ban have taken over airports and public squares. Recent protests outside the White House shut down Pennsylvania Avenue. And now comes an organized protest outside Donald Trump’s other home, to coincide with his imminent vacation there.



January 30, 2017

ACLU Receives $10M In Donations, And 150,000 New Members, Since Yesterday!

article via Daily Kos:

I’m old enough to remember the protests of the 60’s. There’s a couple of big differences this time. As bad as Nixon was, Trump makes Nixon look like George Washington. We knew we could impeach Nixon if we found enough evidence, and because the Democrats would do the right thing. Every indication is the fascist GOP is perfectly willing to dump our democracy for more power and a tax cut. The other difference is, in the 60’s it was mostly the youth who were fighting for their future. Today, it’s still seems like it’s mostly the people from the 60’s, but now a whole new generation is waking up and starting to join in the fight to save our democracy their future! We really are stronger together.

The response to the open display of fascism has been remarkable!


January 30, 2017

via Daily Kos: Trump Has Illegally Bypassed Senate Consent on Bannon Appointment to NSC

The story being slightly obscured by Trump’s cruel Muslim Ban is his appointment of Steve Bannon to the National Security Council. John McCain has blasted the move as it diminishes the role of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but it’s more than just “radical” and outrageous. It might be illegal.

The law states that the President can appoint advisors to the NSC with the advice and consent of the Senate, but I don’t recall Bannon having hearings before Trump made this appointment. That’s why I wrote to both of my Senators and my House representative to ask them to oppose this illegal appointment:


January 26, 2017

Pass it on -- spread it wherever you can #ClimateFacts Twitter Storm: Thursday, Jan 26, 2017

Hi all! This doc has been shared far and wide, which is great! It also means that it's time to put it into view only mode so things don't get too chaotic. Please continue to share the news about the storm. We'll send out a note to everyone who fills out the form below with an update this evening. Thanks to everyone who put in facts! - Jamie, 350.org


January 26, 2017

An interesting read about threatening not to pay taxes

I know I brought this up before and was shot down...but it is being talked about. I would love to get some expert legal advice on what is possible.


January 25, 2017

Another good idea from a FB post

Okay - Listen up people. I just had a meltdown. What are we doing complaining on FB about our crazy president?? I just called my Senators and Congressman and left a message basically saying that the President is CRAZY, mentally unstable and he needs to be removed from office. I said that everyone is pretending that he is "normal". He is claiming that millions of illegals voted in the election. He had his fit about the size of his inauguration crowd. THIS IS NOT NORMAL! HE IS NOT NORMAL! HE IS MENTALLY UNSTABLE. So... I called the White House Senate and House number 3 times. 2 times for my Senators and once for my Representative. You put in your zip code and they ask you who you want to speak to (they give you 2 options for your Senators). I really did leave them messages stating what I said above. We ALL should do this. Here is the number: 202-224-3121
January 24, 2017


All of here at DU have known for a long time what a horrible human being Donald J. Trump is. The rest of the electorate (except for the minority holdouts) are beginning to open up their eyes that Trump is on his way to destroying us. We MUST demand that politicians, who we elect, do their job and get this madman out of the White House ASAP. We must not stand idly by. I suppose what that means for all of us is jamming the phone lines to our Senators and Congress people, requesting they do what they can to get this man indicted and impeached.

It means we need to march in the streets on a very regular basis. We need to make a lot of noise and we need to revolt. This cannot stand.

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