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Farmgirl1961's Journal
Farmgirl1961's Journal
December 4, 2016

New Post on Palmer Report...Wisconsin

New post on Palmer Report

Tampered seals on Wisconsin vote counting machines now being blamed on “modems”
by Bill Palmer
On Thursday we reportedreported that a recount observer for third party candidate Jill Stein had photographically documented five vote counting machines in St Croix County with tampered seals. In a familiar refrain which is growing all too tiresome, Wisconsin officials are once again blaming it all on "modems."

The primary Green Party observer in St Croix County posted the following today to a Jill Stein recount group on Facebook (direct link here: "I was the primary Green Party observer yesterday in St Croix County, where there has been reports of tampered ballot counting machines. The seals on the machines were broken by the manufacturer when they installed modems. They are working on getting an affidavit but it is the weekend." (photo credit: photograph of St Croix recount posted by observer Rosemary Ann).

The explanation in and of itself sounds plausible, and more information appears to be forthcoming from the county officials. But what stands out is that this is the third separate instance of Wisconsin officials using modems to explain suspicious circumstances. Another recount observer in Kenosha County reports that officials are blaming modems. And last week, Palmer Report was the first to report that a Wisconsin elections official also blamed a "modem" error for incorrectly padding Donald Trump's vote total in Sauk County.

The sheer number of instances in which Wisconsin elections officials are blaming "modems" for everything from tampered seals, to impossible vote totals, stands out as noteworthy in and of itself. While vote counting machines do in fact use modems to remotely pass along their totals, these modems are verging on becoming a too frequently used excuse. As the Wisconsin recount continues, election officials in the state may have some further explaining to do.

December 4, 2016

Daily Kos: New Updates for WI, MI, PA Recounts: Latest from Fed Court in Michigan...

Update 1x: Federal district court in recess until 12:30pm when focus will turn to arguments regarding vulnerability of hacking and malicious software that could effect vote count.

During 10:30am hearing, Judge Goldsmith asked Mark Brewer (Stein attorney) whether or not recount could be done by Dec. 13th if recount starts on Wednesday. MB said he believes so… meaning likely judge will let recount begin on Wed as scheduled if he lets it proceed.

And that will be focus for 12:30pm session ...


Sunday roundup of recount news from WI, MI and PA … with big news coming late Sunday morning …



I guess we stay tuned...
December 4, 2016

New post on Palmer Report...

New post on Palmer Report

Wisconsin recount: observers uncover discrepancies with Milwaukee absentee ballots
by Bill Palmer
Three full days into the Wisconsin statewide recount of the 2016 presidential election race, reports continue to pour in from the designated election observers who have been watching over the shoulders of the officials doing the recounts. There has been significant controversy over the fact that Milwaukee County, the largest in the state, has refused to do a hand recount and is instead merely doing a machine recount. And observers have already uncovered discrepancies with the Milwaukee ballots.

The designated recount observers representing the Jill Stein campaign have been logging their findings on her official campaign website. In various counties it's resulted in evidence that the confusingly worded ballot caused voters to fill it out wrong in a manner which the vote counting machines initially missed. Observers have also flagged five vote counting machines whose security seals have been tampered with. But the report coming from a Milwaukee observer may be the most eyebrow raising.

The designated Jill Stein observer in Milwaukee County observer posted the following on Friday: "Discrepancies noted in absentee ballots which were resolved promptly by Milwaukee County Election Commission. Plan on return to same location on Monday morning at 8:30 am." The good news, in terms of election integrity, is that these votes now have a chance to be correctly counted. The bad news in that regard is that his was only caught because the election observer was there monitoring – and far more such ballots may be being overlooked by officials,

The brief report filed by the observer is evidence that vote counting problems and discrepancies in Milwaukee County do exist, and would seem to help bolster the case for the county performing a hand recount in order to get the most accurate results. Bizarrely, according to the Wisconsin official election website, Milwaukee County is charging Jill Stein more than half a million dollars for a simple machine recount, which is far more than any other Wisconsin county is charging for a far more labor intensive hand recount.

December 4, 2016

This came into my FB feed via The Hill: Green Party drops recount case in Pennsylvania (Is it true?)

This came into my FB feed via The Hill:

The Green Party is dropping its court case requesting a statewide recount of the election results in Pennsylvania.

The Associated Press reported on Saturday that the party said it could not come up with a $1 million bond payment required by Monday, when a hearing was scheduled.

A court order filed Saturday called the matter "closed" after it said that petitioners had filed to withdraw the case. The Green Party had questioned whether voting machines had been hacked or results manipulated.


I have not seen this on the Jill Stein election recount website, nor anywhere else. I'm trying to verify this and wonder if any of you know if there is any truth to this.

December 2, 2016

Recent email from Jill Stein -- Initial reports in from WI

Volunteer observers in Wisconsin have started sending in their initial reports. All counties must complete their recounts by 8 p.m. on December 12; the Elections Commission staff must prepare the official recount canvass certification by 3 p.m. on December 13. Read their initial reports here and donate to #Recount2016 to support the continued effort.


December 2, 2016

This from my FB feed on a nonprofit group planning to sue FL. Has anyone else seen this? Thoughts?

Hillary supporters please SHARE
A nonprofit group is planning to sue the state of Florida to force a recount – and that group is now raising funds to cover the cost of that lawsuit.
They needs $50,000 to proceed with the lawsuit.
Please donate here the link


December 1, 2016


Jebus Crabst on a stick.

Decision Desk HQ ✔ @DecisionDeskHQ
Pennsylvania statewide with the Philadelphia tally now complete:
Trump 2,961,875
Clinton 2,915,440
8:54 AM - 1 Dec 2016
236 236 Retweets 257 257 likes
Until now, the Pennsylvania vote gap was hovering around the 70,000 mark depending on your source. If this tweet is accurate, it just dropped to 46,435.

According to the Cook Report spreadsheet (which hasn’t been updated with this yet...it was posted less than 20 minutes ago), here’s where things stand:

WI: Hillary down 22,177
MI: Hillary down 10,704
PA: Hillary down 46,435
Total: 79,316
80,000 people.




November 29, 2016

This from Daily Kos: Let's Ruin Trump's Cincinnati Victory Rally

About an hour ago, the story broke that Donald Trump would hold his first “Thank You Rally” in Cincinnati on Thursday at 7 p.m. at the US Bank Arena:


Word on how to get official tickets here:

Tickets for Trump Rally in Cincinnati

Trump’s campaign is distributing the tickets. Doors open at 4 p.m.

The arena seats about 17,000 people.

I’m not advocating personally for going inside the rally — that would be literally putting your own life in your hands. I want to stand outside, with as many as we can muster, to stand in silent witness.

This is a golden opportunity if we’re agile enough to take it.



November 29, 2016

FB message from Hamilton Electors

FB message from Hamilton Electors

We have lots of momentum this week, and some big news coming.

We need at least 50 volunteers to create a #SupportTheElectors video today. Please reply to confirm if you are willing to start this initiative TODAY.

Here are the instructions:
1. View the video posted last night on Hamilton Electors page as inspiration:

2. Film yourself telling the Electors why you, personally, believe they need to protect our country by NOT selecting Trump when they vote on 12/19. To close your video, hold up a $10 bill and directly tell the Electors "I support you, Electors, in honoring the intentions of Hamilton"
3. Post YOUR video on FB to your page and Hamilton Electors, tagging #hamiltonelectors and #SupportTheElectors
4. Challenge at least 5 friends to film their #SupportTheElectors by tagging them too
5. Continue to share your videos and our videos to encourage everyone you know to support the electors.


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