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Gender: Female
Hometown: OR
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Jul 30, 2016, 01:04 AM
Number of posts: 1,453

Journal Archives

Sharing an uplifting narrative on Daily Kos -- I'd like to engage in similar dialogue

"Suggestions on what I can do more to help elect Hillary"


Bravo to this person for doing whatever they can...I'm from Oregon which is blue -- I'm willing to help out in swing state votes, but can't go there personally (I work full time, am a mom...) but am willing to canvass, to call, to connect with others on social media.

I'd love to get advice and hear stories from others about what they are doing to help elect Hillary.

Here's an older ad that needs to be resurrected about Donald Trump

TEXAS BATTLEGROUND ALERT: Clinton leads Trump by 4 among registered voters in head-to-head matchup

The polls showing a close presidential contest in Texas keep piling up, and this could be one of the big sleeper stories of 2016. Coming on the heels of two recent polls showing Trump with only a 6-point lead and one showing a 1-point Clinton lead comes this new survey from Texas Lyceum:



"Improv Everywhere" pranks people with surprise press conference

This is great! -- and makes a mockery of today's press. Enjoy.


What's in store for tomorrow?

Where are Hillary/surrogates and Trump/surrogates going to be?
What's the news story that will take over the media airwaves with respect to Hillary and Trump?
Anyone have any ideas if we've reached the bottom of the "correction" on "pneumonia-gate" and "basket of deplorable-gate"?

Nate Silver 538 and polls in general

Are showing a bit of decline for Hillary Clinton. I'm not in panic mode, but do wonder whether there is a bit of a lag time from the weekend blitz on the "pneumonia-gate". Thoughts?

So, now with Barack Obama giving his fiery speech yesterday in Philadelphia and at least there being a crack in the wall with the breaking Newsweek story...anyone care to venture a guess about lag time on polls and whether there being a bit more coverage on the Trump Foundation and Bondi-gate will tend to push the need even further in Hillary's direction?

And then there's the issue of Daily Kos prediction now showing the Senate retake by Dems at 46%. Ugh....

Michelle Obama to campaign for Hillary Clinton

Michelle Obama isnít running for president, but maybe she should.

The Democratsí most popular and effective election campaigner will hit the trail this week to support Hillary Clinton.

The first ladyís popularity rating, 64 percent in August, beats out both her husbandís (52 percent in August ), Clinton's (38 percent during the first week of September), and Trumpís (34 percent during the same period), according to Gallup, the research and polling firm.
Obama will attend an event in northern Virginia on Friday, the first of many in the coming weeks intended to encourage voter registration among African Americans and young people.



Protestors attacked at Trump Rally


I DON'T want to be a "debbie downer" but wonder about the latest Huffpollster - real or rubbish

HUFFPOLLSTER - Donald Trump could be gaining in key swing states...yes...it's from Quinninpiac for OH and FL I shows a 1 point lead for Trump in OH and Clinton ahead in FL by only 1 point (2-way). Princeton Election Consortium shows Trump leading OH and FL as a toss up. Is this something of a worry?

tRump could get booted off the ballot in Minnesota

Donald Trump could missing from the ballot in Minnesota on Election Day if Democrats get their way...

Posted by Farmgirl1961 | Fri Sep 9, 2016, 10:40 AM (7 replies)
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